Medical expert warns public of cholera threat

Harare (New Ziana) – A local health expert has urged the public to enhance personal hygiene to avoid contracting and spreading diseases such as cholera often prevalent at this time of the year.

Misheck Ruwende, chief executive officer and founder of Health and Longevity, said cholera and many water-borne diseases tended to increase during the rainy season, hence the need for the public to take extra health precautions in terms of personal hygiene.

With garbage uncollected in most urban areas, the danger of cholera and other disease outbreaks has increased. A few years ago, over four thousand people succumbed to cholera in the country.

Ruwende’s warning comes in the wake of reports of a cholera pandemic in Malawi, and indications this might have spread to neighbouring Zambia.

“Generally, infectious diseases like cholera can be prevented to a great extent through personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is key and very important to (the) prevention of cholera. Someone can die within hours if they do not get re-hydrated or treated in time. However, in Africa we should dwell more on prevention so that we avoid sickness and death,” Ruwende said.

“Washing of hands often and taking steps to ensure food and water are safe for use. These are essentials for prevention of cholera. For example, we must make sure that we are drinking and using safe water. Water can be made safe by boiling, if cannot be treated with chlorine,” he added.

Thousands have reportedly succumbed to the disease in Malawi.

New Ziana

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