Relief for residents as rape, armed robbery suspects arrested

By Chido R Svotwa


CHINHOYI – THE arrest of seven suspects who had been terrorising the communities in
Portlet and Chinhoyi has brought relief to the residents.
The suspects are accused of rape, unlawful entry and armed robbery. 
Police in Mashonaland West arrested Prince Dube (23), Maxwell Karoterote (28), Dennis
Tshuma (24), Lloyd Makiwa (28), Maxwell Arozho Adamson Sikanyika (36), Brian Sibanda
(32), and Tinashe Gandawa (27) in connection with five cases that occurred in Chinhoyi,
Kadoma and Mhangura. 
On January 23, officers arrested the suspects after a tip off about their location. This was after
they had been seen sharing some groceries stolen from Abundance Grace Shop, at Avelone
Park Shopping Centre, in Chinhoyi.
Rudo Chikombe, the owner of the shop that was broken into at Avelone Park, Chinhoyi, said
what was disconcerting was that the thieves were people they knew.
“Inini hangu nhau yevakomana ava inondirwadza kutaura chokwadi. Almost all of them
vanhu vanotozivikanwa zvekuti last week they were here drinking pabhawa riri panext pedu
“They managed to steal groceries worth almost US$2 000 from this shop. However, we thank
God that the police managed to recover some of the stuff although pane zvimwe zvakaita
saana cerevita, cerelac zvakatodyiwa.”
The suspects are said to have broken the shop’s wooden door to gain entry into the shop that
Chikombe said what was both painful and frightening was that after a short time these people
would be back on the streets while residents and shop owners do not have enough protection
in their homes to protect them and their children. 
Chikombe said the suspects were ruthless because in one case they ordered a husband to get
under the bed while they raped his wife in St Ives, in Chinhoyi.
“Kana vachikwanisa kuti murume enda pasi pemubhedha vorepa mukadzi which means
havana kana moyo,” she said.
The same suspects pounced on another shop at Portlet Business Centre in Portlet along the
Chegutu Road.
The security guard at Portlet Business Centre, Robert Baya, said it was not the first time that
the gang had tried to rob the place.
 “This is the third time that these people have tried to rob this place. The first time they took
clothes only. The second time they did not manage to take anything as well as the third time

because pane wandakarova nesimbi akatiza ndakakurumidza kudeedzera  rubetsero vese
vakomana vacho vakapinda muHonda Fit ye grey ndokutiza,” said Baya.
The police recovered groceries, which included several cartons of cooking oil, washing
powder, gas tanks and an HP Pro-Book Laptop stolen from Avelone Park Shopping Centre.
The Honda Fit has since been impounded by the police.
The suspects were being given information by relatives of the victims.   
The police are looking for information which will lead to the arrest of the remaining  two
suspects identified as Brian Bhamu (27) also known as Blaka/Biggie and the second one
known only known as Tafadzwa  or by his alias T-One.
Anyone with information, should report it to any nearest Police Station.

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