Clamp down on unregistered medicines


THERE is a proliferation of medicines and remedies that are not registered and are a danger to
the health of the public.
The Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) must stamp its authority and ensure
that only registered medicines are sold in order to safeguard the health of the public.
All medicines, herbal remedies and supplements should go through rigorous testing to ascertain
that they are not harmful to health.
Currently, there are many herbal concoctions commonly known as guchu that are being sold for
men although these have not been tested and approved by the authorities. Many of these are
detrimental to health.
Many men, especially the middle aged and older are turning to herbal concoctions in order to
improve their libido or for other enhancements. Younger men are also known to use these.
With men turning to these concoctions, very little is said about the adverse health effects they
have and one man reportedly died from such a concoction in Chitungwiza recently.
Health experts suggest that all men desist from taking these concoctions as they lead to many
health complications from heart failure, kidney failure, liver cirrhosis and many other conditions.
Most of these concoctions damage the most important organs in the body and even results in
cancer, especially prostate cancer.
Men also become overly reliant on these concoctions so that without them they are useless in
High dosage of these concoctions can actually cause persistent penile erection, which can cause
permanent damage or permanent impotence.

Most social media platforms are replete with advertisements for these “remedies” and many men
have been tempted to try them as they paint a rosy picture of what they are capable of doing for
them. However, little or no mention is made of the adverse effects of these concoctions.
Those who sell them deny that they have any side effects, but this is something that is quite
untruthful as we all know that all medication, even the ones sold in pharmacies have side effects.
Men might get the desired results for a while but at what cost?

These herbal concoctions have not been tested and no one knows what they contain and how
harmful they are.
There is, therefore, need for the MCAZ to follow up on all those that are selling such medicines
and ensure that these concoctions are tested and are safe, weeding out the harmful ones.
Health experts advise men to desist from taking these harmful enhancers and instead to use
natural nutritional enhancers like garlic, lemons, honey, bananas and watermelons.
What is worrisome is the current absence of statistics on how many people have been affected by
these unregistered concoctions.
The MCAZ has its work cut out for it and must hit the ground running to ensure that the health of
the public is protected.
It is not difficult to find the people selling these concoctions as they advertise on most websites,
newspapers and social media platforms.
Those, who believe and are convinced that their products are harmless should come forward and
have them tested and certified safe to use. The MCAZ can then go after and clamp down on
those that refuse, and let the law take its course.

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