CUT is set to become the University of Choice

By Nathaniel Gondo


CHINHOYI-The Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) is on its course to be becoming
the University of Choice in Zimbabwe as it is driving many innovations in technology,
farming and entrepreneurship.
The university was founded in 1992 when the Chinhoyi Technical Teachers College was
transformed into a university as a result of the Chetsanga Commission which advocated for
certain colleges to be turned into universities.
CUT has managed to register several companies by student who venture in job creation and
new products. These student companies pass through the business incubation centre where
they are trained and groomed into the business thereby creating job creators not job seekers.
The school is set to construct a modern state of the art shopping mall which is expected to be
running by end of year. It is expected to bring the City status to Chinhoyi town.
The university is now the national centre for animal inseminations in the country as it is
thriving in the farming sector
It also runs a successful tuck-shop at the campus. Through the shop profits they have
managed to buy a motor vehicle which only caters for the tuck shop.
They have managed to offer better services in the town as they have installed solar traffic
lights and they are the leading job creators in Chinhoyi.
CUT has created an agro industrial park which is involved in dairy farming, poultry and cattle
breeding where they have an artificial insemination centre which was officially
commissioned by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
In 2022 the University School of Entrepreneurship and Business Sciences produced 13
students who graduated with PHDs. They help students with registering with their patents.
CUT has established a printing press and photocopying units. Their tuck shop is mostly
operated by students and has a policy of eat now and pay later.

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