EMA monitors vehicle emissions

By Bathel Shuro


CHINHOYI – VEHICLES contribute to destruction of air quality, as well as escalating climate
change and affecting ecosystems through various direct and indirect influences such as emissions
from combustion of fossil- derived fuels.
Due to technological advancement, vehicles have become a necessity as people travel daily to
and from work and also doing other kinds of businesses. Therefore, the use of vehicles cannot be
eliminated but rather monitored as it has become a requirement for human activities.
The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) is carrying out vehicle emissions monitoring
exercise and has started in Makonde District in the province as air pollution is continually
increasing to be a threat to sustainable environment.
Environmental Management Agency Mashonaland West Provincial Manager, Rambwai Mapako,
said carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitric oxide are gases of global worry as they are a
causing global warming.
The mobile operation by EMA started on February 2, which is also the World Wetlands Day. By
the time of going to print 1 319 vehicles had been tested and the level of compliance was 96, 4
Mapako said: “We are monitoring to check if our vehicles on the roads are actually emitting
carbon to acceptable standards.”
“Although the exercise was focusing on vehicles, both mobile and point sources of pollution are
expected to comply.
“Compliance level so far is satisfactory but our desire is that all vehicles that use our roads need
to be in full compliance, we continue to ensure and encourage all vehicle users and factory
owners to comply with the Statutory Act.”
A total of 47 tickets and five environmental protection orders were issued to motorists, who were
operating vehicles in such a manner that may cause pollution.
“The purpose of these tests is to check for compliance with the exhaust emissions regulations
stipulated in the Statutory Instrument 72 of 2009 on atmospheric control and regulations as read
with Environmental Management Act Chapter 2027 section 68,” he said.
He added that vehicles were known world wide to be the causes of 22 percent of the air
contamination which causes premature deaths of about 2.7 million people annually across the
globe due to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

He also pleaded with the media to take agency in being responsible in playing their role in
informing communities on environmental related issues.

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