Tobacco industry set to boost economy

By Bathel Shuro


CHINHOYI – THERE has been major efforts by the Government and other organisations
in the tobacco industry to improve the production of tobacco so that the farmers benefit,
the economy is boosted, while reducing environmental degradation.
This has turned the tables in tobacco farming as it will be demonstrated by the Tobacco
Expo that will be held in Karoi at the Waterfront Conference Centre hosted by the
Zimbabwe Tobacco Expo Society from 16 to 18 March 2023.
Zimbabwe Tobacco Expo Society Chairman, Brian Vengai, said, the aim of the society
is to enhance tobacco farming and increase tobacco farming development whist also
promoting sustainability.
Our aim is to improve the development of the tobacco industry in its wholeness, that is
the whole value chain and 26 exhibitors have registered with us so far.
“We want to promote the tobacco farmers so that they get the best deals possible in
terms of contracts, protection, inputs and value for their crops, he said.
He also added that Agritex has confirmed 32 000 hectares were under tobacco in
Hurungwe and on 24 February, 2023 a Mega Field Day at Nyahowa Farm would be
hosted as a pre- event to the expo.
The farmer there has 100 hectares of tobacco, 70 hectares under irrigation and 30
hectares under dryland. The farmer also has 48 hectares of maize and 146 head of
cattle. We expect our exhibitors and farmers to attend this day, said Vengai.
Local tobacco farmers came together for a common cause and founded the expo last
year. It was introduced last year in Mashonaland West thereafter it was seen as
necessary to make it a national event.
Zimbabwe Tobacco Expo Society is nationally based this year. We are hosting the
expo in Karoi because of its large concentration of tobacco farmers.
He appreciated the farmers’ response to this year’s programme and said they were
expecting farmers from four provinces compared to just one last year.
The Society is partnering Sprout Media an events and Media Company to produce a
world class expo, he said.

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