Villagers in Gavhunga, Mhondoro-Ngezi to benefit from wetlands

By Sharon Chikowore


MHONDORO-NGEZI -VILLAGERS in Gavhunga, Mhondoro- Ngezi have applauded the
Government project to establish a garden, which will be fenced off on the wetlands that will
benefit them as well as being a solution to wetlands depletion.
The project goes in line with the 2023’s theme of “Wetlands Restoration” as the province
commemorated the World Wetlands Day at Manhidze Chikapakapa wetlands in Mhondoro-
Ngezi District, which has 132 hectares of wetland.
Plans are already at an advanced stage for the commencement of work with the first phase
being the fencing of the wetland source and a consolidated garden.
One of the villagers, Senzeni from Mugauri Village, said she was happy with the idea of the
garden adding that it would revive her way of life, since she would have different types of
plants throughout the year, which she will be selling.
“What I have liked so much about this project is I will be planting, harvesting and selling
different types of plants throughout the year because there won’t be any issues where we will
run dry and plants wither since the area is surrounded by water.
“This is definitely going to change my life because I’m always going to have money in my
pocket as I sell my produce. So, my pockets will not run dry,” she said.
Another villager, Edith Mukutisi, of Ward 7 Mandizvidza Village said she was happy with
the upcoming programme and asked to be assisted with seed to start up their projects,
especially with the help from the programme led by the First Lady Amai Auxillia
Mnangagwa of Agri4She.
“Ndinofara zvikuru nechirongwa chegarden, saka ndinokumbira kuna Amai kuti pachirongwa
chavakatanga vatipewo mbeu yekuti tigorima mumagardern.”
Speaking on the day, Chief Mushava, Vimbai Machokoto, explained where the name
Gavhunga came from, which has been used to name the place in the area and where the water
comes from.
He said that 92 households which live around the wetland area are really benefiting so much
and they have never experienced hunger.
He also thanked the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) for coming to the area and
teaching them how to protect the wetlands, especially from human activities.
EMA Provincial Manager, Rambwayi Mapako, said this year money was going to come from
the Government, which will help in protecting the wetland as it was becoming prone to
human activities, by creating a garden which will benefit people mostly in Ward 7 so that
they do the gardening legally.

Speaking to the villagers, Mashonaland West Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and
Devolution, Mary Mliswa- Chikoka, represented by the Director in her office, Douglas
Chiwiro, said the Government had adopted a number of strategies which included having a
garden in Gavhunga on the management of wetlands which have been included in the
National Development Strategy (NDS1).
“The strategies are included in the NDS1 a clear testimony that sustainable management of
wetlands is a priority area for the Second Republic and has set aside resources to conserve
our wetland as we move towards attaining Vision 2030.
“I urge all planning authorities to uphold sound environmental management as one of their
core principal pillars to steer sustainable development on all facets of development. To
Mhondoro-Ngezi Rural District Council, local leadership and EMA, you all have a collective
obligation to conserve the integrity and ensure the success of Manhize-Gavhunga Wetland
The commemorations of the World Wetlands Day, which is celebrated on February 2, was
held belatedly together with the National Cleaning Campaign, which is usually held every
first Friday of each month end was graced by Chief Benhura and Chief Nyika.

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