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Masvingo Star Provincial Newspapers

Masvingo landfill opening set for month end


MASVINGO City Council’s long awaited landfill is set to be officially opened
at the end of this month, in a development expected to bring to an end the health
hazard that the old dumpsite posed for the city’s residents.
After a number of false starts, the local authority was finally awarded a 10ha
plot of land on Cambria Farm on the western outskirts of the city as the current
dumpsite had become surrounded by residential houses of Runyararo West and
Victoria Ranch.
The residents of the two suburbs had to content with swarms of flies, clouds of
choking smoke from fires lit by people scavenging and the pungent smell from
rotting garbage.
According to the latest council minutes, the Health, Housing and Environmental
Services Committee recommended that the official opening of the landfill and
the North West Medical Clinic in Runyararo West be held on February 23.
“Consideration was given to the report of the Chief Environmental Health
Officer, Suzanne Madamombe, on the official opening of the North West
Medical Clinic and the Sanitary Landfill. It was proposed that the official
opening of the clinic and sanitary landfill be held on the 23rd of February
2023,” reads part of the report.
Meanwhile, the Public Works and Planning Committee has proposed
construction of another secondary school in Runyararo West to help ease the
challenges being faced by learners who have to trek long distances to get to the
available schools.
The committee proposed that the local authority divert funds meant for further
developments at Rujeko Secondary School to start work on the Runyararo West
School and allow the Rujeko Secondary School development Committee to take
over developments at the school.
“The Committee raised concern that the population of learners in Runyararo
West had increased so much that the existing facilities could no longer
accommodate all learners intending to study, hence learners were travelling
long distances to Ndarama, Mucheke and Masvingo Christian secondary
“It was highlighted that demand for secondary school education had risen with
the establishment of Victoria Ranch suburbs. The Committee agreed that
Council should establish a new secondary school in Runyararo West, utilising
the budget set aside for Rujeko Secondary School.
“The members argued that Rujeko Secondary School should be handed over to
the School Development Committee for further construction works.”
The matter was however referred to the Health, Housing and Environmental
Services Committee for consideration.

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