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Ilanga Provincial Newspapers

Women urged to patricipate in sporting activities


WOMEN should take part in sporting activities instead of having a mindset that sports are a preserve
for male counterparts.
Decorated athlete, Andrea Ngwenya, said this while addressing a newly-formed committee that is
meant to steer women in sporting activities in Matabeleland South Province.
She said despite sporting activities being one of the most recommended exercise by health experts,
there was a mass exodus of women from sports.
We have seen men flying overseas frequently because of sport, which women take lightly.
Opportunities have been availed but we have failed because we don't participate. Women in this
region are talented in different areas like Athletics, Refereeing, Boxing, Darts, Umpiring and so on,
but choose to ignore such talents, said Ngwenya.
Another Matabeleland South veteran sport personality, Qiniso Ncube-Khabo, concurred with
Ngwenya as she encouraged women to be determined and be passionate in sporting activities.
Women in this province have retarded sports development by their absenteeism. We, therefore,
encourage every women to have a role in this drive as we seek to bridge this gap,Khabo
The Chairperson of the newly elected committee, which will spearhead participation of women in
sport, Maculwamahle Nkomo, said the current gap in sports participation between men and women
would soon be a thing of the past.
We want to create a conducive environment for women to have a zeal to partake in sport. We seek
to ensure that our province has teams in both outdoor and indoor games in all age groups. We will
come up with a strategy that will see womens dreams being realised, Nkomo said.
Matabeleland South Provincial Sports Co-ordinator, Lifa Mpofu, said they were working round the
clock to have the provinces prestige restored.
Women from seven districts converged today to formulate goals and exercise their right, which the
Government grants them. Participation of girls and women in sport at the moment leaves a lot to be
desired. As the sport department, we want to bridge that gap.
From the look of things, the committee is absolutely balanced. There are sport administrators and
athlete that are eager to change the current system, Mpofu observed.