Council goes ahead with stadium renovations

By Delight Dokotera


THE Municipality of Bindura has vowed to continue with the renovation and sprucing up of Chipadze
Stadium despite the Government’s decision to shift this year’s Independence Day celebrations from
the stadium to Mt Darwin High School in Mt Darwin District, with less than a month to go.
Mayor Brian Kembo said: “We already had a budget towards the sprucing up of the stadium before
we were told that we will be hosting the Independence Day celebrations.
“So, despite the commemorations being moved from here, we will still continue with the renovations
and rehabilitation.”
To date, two boreholes have already been drilled within the stadium premises whilst a precast wall
around the arena is also being built.
The stadium’s ablution facilities have since been spruced up as well as the dressing rooms.
“We would very much like to thank the Government and our two local big corporates Bindura Nickel
Mine and Freda Rebecca Gold Mine for supporting us financially and technically. They have and are
still assisting us in working on the stadium,” added Mayor Kembo.
The renovation and rehabilitation of the stadium will for a long time be a never forgotten achievement
since the stadium had become more of a village sports ground over the years ever since 2017 when
terraces were destroyed by the old republic to pave way for former President Robert Mugabe’s Youth
Interface meeting that was held in the same stadium.
The stadium is going to have a spacious and tarred parking space, which again will be used by the
public (SMEs) in the absence of events in the stadium.
Chipadze stadium was in a very sorry state, its precast wall had collapsed, flea market operators and
those operating from Chipadze Musika was using it as a “bushy” toilet of late hiding under the cover
of tall grasses surrounding the stadium and going for open defecation.

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