Agritex warns against fake pesticides

FARMERS in Masvingo Province should be wary against the purchase of pesticides from
unregistered sources as they risk being conned of their hard earned cash by bogus dealers.
Masvingo Provincial Director Agricultural Advisory Rural Development Services (Agritex),
Caristo Masiiwa, said that during this time of the season when farmers were making efforts to
deal with weeds and pests, it was important they bought their products from reputable
It would be wise for farmers to engage agricultural experts whenever they wished to buy as
they might be duped by unscrupulous dealers that would either sell them wrong pesticides or
those which might not produce the expected results.
“I want to encourage farmers during this period that most buy pesticides a lot, and some
would just buy from anyone, but it is most important that we buy our pesticides from certified
retailers or manufacturers so that we avoid being sold fake pesticides. We risk being sold fake
pesticides by thieves.”
He said it was the period in which some take advantage of stealing from the farmers using
fake or pesticides that don’t work at all, hence the farmers needed to be careful and buy from
shops, which allowed them to come back and consult if they encountered problems.
“It is important for farmers to buy from shops that sell farm machinery and chemicals so that
they get original products and will not lose their money in the streets to those who are just
after their money.
“I want to continue encouraging farmers to buy from reputable shops, where they can get
assistance and in shops that when they encounter a problem with that product they are able to
come back and consult. Consult your extension officers and other farmers for reputable shops
that you might buy your chemicals,” he said.

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