Bulawayo urges residents to seek authority for all voluntary road repairs


Bulawayo (New Ziana)-The Bulawayo City Council has said while it appreciates efforts of residents to complement it in repairing roads, its officials should authorise and monitor the works as they should meet certain standards.

The local authority last week flighted a notice where the town clerk, Christopher Dube said those filling potholes on city roads without permission from council risked being jailed or fined.

The warning followed some road repairs which were being undertaken by residents in their neighbourhoods to assist the council which was not carrying out the task.

There was an outcry from residents who accused the council of not being grateful considering that it was failing to deliver such essential services to ratepayers.

However, Dube said the council appreciated the noble gesture by some residents but insisted that such initiatives should be authorised as they have to meet certain standards as well as not disturb the motoring public.

“Council would like to reiterate that any road works to be implemented on the city road network have to be approved, checked, and inspected by the road engineers. In turn, all relevant stakeholders to a section being fixed, are to be informed and all necessary safety, health and environment (SHE)
regulations adhered to,” he said in a statement.

Dube said public media adverts or road detours should then be flighted or constructed to cause minimum disturbance to the motoring public and neighbouring community.

“Furthermore, the Road engineers monitor the works and ensure adherence to prescribed standards and ensure that road servitudes are preserved,” he said.

He said some of the works had gone uninspected and in some cases been extended outside prescribed road servitudes in the area.

“The said road works have in most cases caused unnecessary distress to the monitoring public, without prior warning, and in some instances impeded other services within the servitude. Some drains works have been constructed and are now leading water into other people`s properties,” he said, adding the council continued supplying the gravel for pothole patching.

New Ziana

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