President Warns Against Wanton Price Hikes

By Sharon Chimenya


President Emmerson Mnangagwa has warned business people against wanton price increases and manipulation of exchange rates saying these acts were economic sabotage and measures to deal with these detractors are in place.

He said the Government will come down hard on those going against measures put in place to control prices.

Addressing thousands of Zanu PF supporters at Mucheke Stadium in Masvingo during his interface with the first time voters President Mnangagwa said those found wanting risk losing their licenses.

“This wanton increase of prices and manipulation of foreign exchange rates must stop. This morning when I met the Governor and Minister of Finance I gave them an instruction that we shall not tolerate this nonsense,” he said.

“Those that will be found wanting and commiting crime against the measures we have put in place, we shall have their trading licenses withdrawn because these people doing these heinous acts to cause suffering on our people for cheap politics, I now warn them, I now warn them, three times, I now warn them.”

Several businesspeople have increased prices of their goods on their shelves and these include locally manufactures stuff which has not been imported.

He said he is aware of those who are bent on causing the economic crimes in the country by attacking the currency.

“Nyika dzekumadokero ndodziri kutirwisa pamusana pezvinhu zvatinazvo. Chokutanga takavatorera mapurazi akaita edu. Vanoda zvakare upfumi hwenyika ino huri pasi, gold redu, lithium yedu, diamond yedu, platinum yedu ndovanoda nekuti kwavo hakuna. Saka vanenge vachida kuti imi mukatambura momukira hurumende voisa zvimbwasungata zvavo, vouya muno vomora vachimora imi miromo yenyu yakangochena nenzara.”

Pres Mnangagwa urged also young people to reject those who would want to use them as weapons of violence.

“An understanding, tolerance, dialogue, love, respect and friendship must remain key traits among our people. This is the DNA of Zanu PF.”

President Mnangagwa was in Masvingo where he was interfacing with first time voters at the rally.

Zimbabwe goes for general elections on August 23 this year and several affiliates of the ruling party attended the rally at Mucheke.

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