Bikita gets over $250 m for devolution


Bikita (New Ziana) – Bikita district has received over $250 million in devolution funding which has helped to speed up development in the area over the past five years, the local authority has said.

In an advisory note to stakeholders, Bikita Rural District Council said it had received a total of $254 347 000 between 2019 and 2023, which was used to sink 36 boreholes, and repaired 40 others, among other important projects in the district.

The funds also helped the local authority successfully surface 2,3km of road in the Duma residential area at Nyika Growth Point, and expand and renovate various school infrastructure.

The local authority said work in progress included putting final touches at Chibvure Clinic, and drilling and equipping 24 boreholes.

The council is also acquired a new grader, water bowser, 10 tonne truck and refuse compactor.

Projects being planned include Tafara, Chivaka and Uteke clinics, a classroom block at Cheninga Secondary School and the drilling of six boreholes.

More projects are in the pipeline at Duma High School, Musiya, Mandadzaka, Tamuka, Chomukonde primary schools and an administration block at Makondo primary school.

The devolution projects helped in creating employment during construction, and to impart skills and capacitate the local authority in project handling.

New Ziana

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