ZANU (PF) trains over 37 000 election polling agents


Harare (New Ziana) – The ruling ZANU (PF) party said on Monday it planned to train over 37 000 election polling agents to cover 12 500 polling stations established by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission for the upcoming general elections.

The country goes to the polls on August 23 to elect the president, parliamentarians and local government representatives.

In a notice to all candidates that successfully won tickets to represent the party when it held its primary elections three months ago, ZANU (PF) said it planned to train 37 500 election polling agents, of whom three would be deployed at every polling station to represent all party candidates.

The notice directed all party candidates for Parliament to select three party election polling agents for each polling station and submit the list of names to the provincial leadership for training by the provincial chief trainers at each administrative district, supervised by master trainers at national level.

The party has stepped up preparations for the elections, with its leader President Emmerson Mnangagwa expected to officially launch its campaign programme at the weekend in Chipinge.

New Ziana

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