President Mnangagwa pays tribute to Sithole


Chipinge (New Ziana) – President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Saturday paid tribute to the late nationalist, Rev Ndabaningi Sithole, who was recently posthumously honoured with national hero status.

Speaking at an election campaign launch here, he said although the veteran nationalist is considered to have deviated from liberation war goals in the later stages of the country’s independence war against British colonialism, this could not blemish his entire contribution to the armed struggle.

President Mnangagwa posthumously bestowed national hero status on Sithole, a founder member of the ruling ZANU-PF which led the liberation war against colonial rule.

He had been denied hero status earlier by the late President Robert Mugabe.

A native of Chipinge, Saturday’s election campaign launch was held close to his birth place to celebrate the late nationalist’s life, and the hero status bestowed on him.

“We have a heritage to protect, the liberation war heritage which saw the birth of the revolunary party ZANU-PF. The late Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole is one of the founding fathers of this party we take pride in today, and we should always cherish the sacrifices they made,” President Mnangagwa said.

“Honouring him as a national hero is evidence of how much the party is principled and takes heed of its own founding principles,” he added.
The country is due to hold general elections in August, and President Mnangagwa kicked off the ruling party’s campaign here, telling over 30 000 supporters a bright future for Zimbabwe was on the horizon.

“The rising of the sun from the east signifies a new and bright day. As such, let us be prepared for a new and brighter Zimbabwe as we head towards the August 23 elections. We have started off in the east to signify a new dawn and brighter future,” he said, making reference to the geographic location of Chipinge in the east of the country.

He is seeking a second term in office, and will battle it out against ten other presidential challengers in the election.
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