An Anglican Archbishop prays for President Mnangagwa at Benard Mizeki shrine in Marondera

By Archford Chirimudombo


MARONDERA- President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently hailed the Anglican Church for
churning out sharp intellectual minds that are making names for themselves in both the
private and public sectors.
He was addressing thousands of congregants who attended the 56th commemorations of the
Anglican Church of Zimbabwe’s martyr, Bernard Mizeki, in Marondera.
Mizeki was an African missionary and martyr, who died in 1896 after dedicating his life to
Christianity and he remains a towering figure in the Anglican Church.
The commemorations were held under the theme “Celebrating Bernard Mizeki: A call for the
Church to Evangelism and Discipleship.”
“The Anglican Church has continued to churn out some of the country’s most brilliant brains
and academic giants whose services in both the public and private sectors continues to
contribute to the development of our country. A good example that easily comes to mind is
that of our national hero and the late chairman of Zanu, Cde Hebert Wiltshire Pfumaindini
Chitepo who was a product of St Augustine’s Mission, Tsambe.
“Schools such as St David’s Bonda, Bernard Mizeki College, Peterhouse Schools, St Patricks
Chiwundura, Cyrene Mission, St James Nyamandlovu, Daramombe, St Colombus, St Mary’s
Chitungwiza, St John’s Chikwakwa, among others, have raised trailblazers and leaders in our
nation across all sectors of the economy. Many are also leaders in various institutions and
sectors the world over,” President Mnangagwa said.
Ahead of the August 2023 harmonised elections, he called upon Zimbabweans to remain
steadfast as the country is under attack from Western powers who are bent on destabilising
the nation and undermine her sovereignty.
He said: “Enemies of our nation have been attacking us relentlessly as they want to
destabilise our country and cause unrest. Despite the attacks, I urge you to remain steadfast
and maintain peace as we go for our general elections.
“We must set the tone for peaceful elections through the use of internal mechanisms, such as
the Church, rather than inviting outsiders to act as mediators. If people sit down, wherever
they are, and plan that people in another country like Zimbabwe must suffer, those people are
ungodly. This is what the Bible says.
“Our detractors seek to hurt our economy and inflict suffering on all of us. Such greedy,
divisive and harmful tendencies are ungodly. Our collective energies, skills, ideas and
competencies must be directed towards building a prosperous, modern and industrialised

When the country holds its elections, he added, it will not be duty-bound to follow the
dictates of the West and called on the Church to pray for the country.
“We are Zimbabweans and we will hold our elections smoothly on our own terms and
conditions and in line with our Constitution. In that regard, my appeal is for the Anglican and
other churches in our country to preach and pray for peace, unity, and love, before, during,
and after elections,” he said.
President Mnangagwa also accepted the Anglican Church’s request for the Bernard Mizeki
shrine to be accorded the status of a national heritage site and donated materials for the
church to spruce up the sacred place.

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