Brothers robbed after boarding Mushikashika

By Marsha Sengwe


AMID indications that highway robberies are increasing despite roadblocks and
awareness campaigns to commuters police in Mashonaland Central Province have
called on members of the public to avoid boarding private vehicles, driven by
strangers, at any given time.
According to Sergeant Major Samuel Chikasha, provincial police deputy
spokesperson, just last week they recorded at least four robbery cases and in one of
the cases, twin brothers boarded a Honda CRV at Bindura showgrounds heading to
Harare around 7pm, but were robbed before reaching Glendale.
Circumstances surrounding the case are that on the aforementioned date, the twin
brothers, Kudzai and Takudzwa Wenhamo, boarded the Honda CRV at Bindura
showgrounds intending to go to Harare.
The vehicle had three passengers on board already before they boarded it. The
three were conversing like family, according to the twin brothers.
Upon arriving at Hamilton Farm, just before ZINWA water works in Glendale, two of
the people, who were seated in the back drew knives from the car’s door pockets
and ordered the two brothers to bow their heads.
Takudzwa was grabbed by the neck whilst his brother was ordered to surrender all
he had. He tried to resist but was threatened that he was going to be stabbed if he
continued to resist the order.
The attackers searched Kudzai and took US$90 from his wallet and a Samsung A04
before ordering both to take off their shoes.
After robbing the duo, the trio drove off and left the twins by the roadside.
The twin brothers were later helped by some well-wishers who took them to Mazowe
ZRP station, where they made a police report.
A manhunt for the robbers is underway and police are appealing for leads that may
assist them to bring the criminals to book.

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