Chivhu Dam commissioned, tipped to transform surrounding communities

By Archford Chirimudombo


MARONDERA- The commissioning of Chivhu Dam in Chikomba District of
Mashonaland East by President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently will play a
significant role in transforming surrounding communities.
When he officially commissioned the dam alongside Chivhu Irrigation Scheme, a
water treatment plant and a fisheries project, President Mnangagwa said it will
increase production in the province, help to mitigate the effects of climate change as
well as address water challenges that had been faced by the town.
In 2005, the Government approved the construction of the dam under the Public
Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) but work only started 13 years later under the
Second Republic, through the then Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural
The whole project was funded to the tune of US$42 million by the Government using
domestic resources.
Three components make up the project – that is the earth dam with a holding
capacity of 26 million cubic metres, an irrigation scheme with 120 hectares of arable
and irrigable land, a water treatment plant with a capacity of 450 cubic metres per
hour to supply domestic and industrial water to the expanding town of Chivhu, which
is now home to an estimated population of 45 000.
President Mnangagwa said by mobilising local resources for mega projects like
Chivhu Dam, the Government managed to shame the country’s detractors who
imposed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe with the hope that people would turn against
the ruling party so that a puppet leadership could be imposed on the country.
“This project will transform the lives of our people from surrounding communities. It
was put in the pipeline several years ago but could not take off because many of us
used to believe that for mega projects such as dams and roads, you would need
foreigners to come and we float tenders for them. However, I later realised that a
country is built, governed and prayed for by its own people.
“It is now 23 years since we were put under the yoke of sanctions imposed by the
West. They were hoping that people will turn against the Zanu PF Government so
that they install a puppet Government which when asked to jump, it will ask how
high. We want to shame those who imposed sanctions on us. For the past three
years Zimbabwe has been developing faster in the Sadc region. Whoever wants to
come and partner us will do so on our terms,” he said.

A company registration certificate was handed to Wilfred Dzimba who is the
chairperson of a wheat consortium benefitting from the dam.
President Mnangagwa hinted that the Government will carry out similar exercises
across the country as part of efforts to empower entrepreneurs consistent with the
Government’s thrust of leaving no place and no one behind.
“I am happy for you as you are the first organisation to have a company formed for
you to push for development. Government intends to carry out exercises that are
similar to this one so that entrepreneurs can be empowered. That is consistent with
our thrust of leaving no place and no one behind in national development,” he said.
Members of the fishery project were urged to be vigilant and responsible if it is to
become highly successful as expected.
Several projects that the Second Republic has embarked on in remote areas such as
Binga were also outlined including the kapenta and borehole projects that have
transformed lives.
In the meantime, President Mnangagwa said for the Second Republic to be in a
position to continue implementing developmental projects in the country, the
electorate must vote for the ruling party in this year’s harmonised elections.
“As the ruling party, we have been doing a lot of work to improve our people’s
livelihoods across the country. My message to you is that you must vote for Zanu PF
when the country holds harmonised polls in August so that we can continue to roll
out projects that improve people’s lives like this one.
“Zanu PF has a traceable history and it is the only political party that knows how the
Independence of this country came about. Our party deserves another mandate to
rule called on people Ahead of this year’s elections, President Mnangagwa urged
people to vote for Zanu PF so that the revolutionary party can continue to implement
developmental projects.
“Zanu PF deserves another mandate to lead because it is the only political party that
knows how the country came about.,” he said.
Traditional leaders, as custodians of traditional customs and communal land, were
warned against abusing their authority but rather stick to their core responsibilities
while those who contested and lost in the party’s primary elections were implored to
rally behind the winners who will represent the revolutionary party in this year’s
harmonised elections.

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