Cottco cemetery runs out of space

By Marsha Sengwe


RESIDENTS and ratepayers in Bindura infuriated by the municipality’s negligence of
cemeteries have decided to visit Cottco and Chiwaridzo grave yards for clearance
Led by the Residents’ Association of Bindura (RABI), residents said council should
then at least provide them with refreshments and food as they partake the exercise.
Joel Mandundu, the association’s chairperson, said he understands council could be
pressed hence he is pressing residents to take on the exercise but on condition that
the council meets their lunch and refreshments bills.
In a notice published last week, the municipality said it was closing the Cottco
cemetery while the Chiwaridzo grave yard is almost fully occupied, too.
Residents have been urged to make use of the newly opened Makusha –
Woodbrooke cemetery.
This graveyard is almost 4km from Bindura towards Shamva.
The place is yet to be developed.
Mourners have to walk for nearly a kilometres to the graveyard from the main road,
before crossing the railway line to the cemetery.
There is no standard road linking the graveyard to the main road.

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