EFF Zimbabwe endorses President Mnangagwa


THE EFF in Zimbabwe will not field a presidential candidate, but will rally behind like-minded Zanu-
PFs Emmerson Mnangagwa on 23 August.
Innocent Ndibali Sibanda, the organisations president in Zimbabwe, in an interview with News24,
said the decision was foregrounded on Pan-African alliances it shared with Zanu PF.
He is the only president who will ensure continuity in land expropriation without compensation,
and the protection of the non-negotiable Zimbabwe sovereignty. 
The EFF voted with Zanu PF at the Pan-African Parliament and brought about the EFF-sponsored
rotational principle in the presidency of the Pan-African Parliament. 
Zanu PF, under President Mnangagwa, has not violated the rights of Africans and this is in line with
our borderless Africa and the belief that no African can be a foreigner in Africa," Sibanda said.
At the Pan-African Parliament last year, EFF South Africa voted for Zimbabwes Fortune Charumbira
for the presidency.
-News 24

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