New food court rocks Filabusi

By Patience Ncube


EATING out has of late become the in-thing in urban areas.
It is a time when couples, families, lovers, friends, an entire working team, clubs or
groups elect not to cook at home or the usual set up.
They go to a restaurant, pub, grill or a fast food outlet to feast.
Eating out removes the tedium of dishwashing after a meal and gives one the luxury
of feeling like a king being served as someone brings already prepared meals while
you relax and savour the mouth-watering meals.
The added bonus is that you can have food by someone who has dedicated their life
and gone to school just to learn how to prepare sumptuous meals.
Chefs do it with pride, and ordinarily walk with an air of authority around themselves
to your table to ask how good their craft has been.
Apart from a wallet and appetite, you do not carry anything when eating out and this
regular feat in major towns and centres is spreading to smaller centres.
That pride recently moved into Filabusi, courtesy of Kalicious Grill Restaurant.
With grandeur and poise Kalicious Grill and Restaurant has changed the eating
pattern of Filabusi and is determined to continue setting the pace.
Managing director of Kalicious Grill Restaurant, Precious Hove, said the small
restaurant is in Filabusi to provide healthy meals and promote good eating business.
"Our mandate as a company is to ensure that we bring good food to the people of
Filabusi. We owe it to them. We are here to give class in the food sector. We are
doing our part in the growth of Insiza District," she said.
"We have our own menus, prepared by our Chef, Givemore Murinye, we have our
distinct taste, its Kalicious and we want to maintain our identity which is home grown,
Filabusi grown," said Hove.
"We are also expanding our menu in line with food trends. People should not go to
large towns for any type of meal. We are introducing our own pizza here. We are
responding to market demands," she said.
"We stress on well done meals served by a well-drilled team. We have employed
eight people from the local community and people are happy to be served by their
own," she said.

Chef Murinye, the man behind the pots and ovens said a lot of products prepared at
the food outlet are bought locally to promote local producers.
"Our vision is to promote local community with jobs and also buying supplies from
them. We get chickens, vegetables, onion and tomatoes and many ingredients
locally," said Murinye who brings eight years of experience to the food house.
He, however, said power outages had been disruptive although on some occasions
they helped when people could not cook at home and would come to buy prepared
"Electricity is a challenge and sometimes we spend the whole day without power so
we hope to invest in alternative energy for smooth flow of business," he said.
The Kalicious Grill Restaurant management opened its doors to the public at the
height of Covid-19, which saw many food outlets taking a beating.
It arrived in the small mining town to provide an alternative meal from the usual and
became an instant game-changer.
"We no longer go to Bulawayo to buy take aways; they are here and well done. We
appreciate the arrival of this restaurant in our town," said a local resident, Dumisani
"We are impressed by their decision to recruit local people to work in their
restaurant," he said.
An official of the Filabusi local authority said the arrival of investors showed the
confidence they had in the town and such businesses increased mobility in the town.
Filabusi was recently awarded a town status because of its growing population and
the arrival of Kalicious Grill Restaurant had an impact in the eating habits of the
town, said the official.

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