Outcry over price hikes

Sharon Chikowore


Following the inflation experiences happening in the country, people are crying foul
as they are failing to meet up with the rates which are always going up every day.
With rate of RTGS escalating almost on daily basis it has made life become more
complicated and unbearable for most of citizens be it business people or just
ordinary ones.
The country is currently using two currencies which is US and ZWL and for the two
to tally, rates have been going up leading to price hikes of commodities.
Speaking to Tarisai Chimbandi who is self employed pointed out how difficult it
becoming for her to feed her family everyday especially when using the Zimbabwean
“We do have our own currency as a country but because of these black markets it is
making our life difficult that I am sure very soon we will not be able to buy just a loaf
of bread using rtgs. If I have 10 000 rtgs today by tomorrow it will not be able to buy
me an item intended to buy when I was saving the money and I don’t know where we
are going because people are taking advantage of this situation,” said Chimbandi.
One Tsitsi Chiroodza a business lady who is into grocery store says there are some
items now they no longer accept rtgs but US dollars instead because of the black
“Í am a business person but with the way things are going we are being forced to
take only USD yet it is also a crime but we have no option, kutotamba irikurira. We
know that not everyone is paid in USD and they are on the disadvantage side more
but as business people we eye for profits and it forces us to stop taking our own
country’s currency,” said Tsitsi.
Another man who works in a supermarket but wanted to anonymous said
government should chip in and try to control things so that everyone can survive with
whatever currency one is getting from his or her work place.
“As for me I am paid in rtgs where I work and when my salary comes in I am not able
to buy USD to pay rent for where I stay because my landlord only accepts foreign
currency so this is becoming difficult for me, how will I survive and my family. I just

hope that our government will look into this and try to rectify things because it
becoming bad. We wish them to inerven and sort things for us.”

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