Robber targeting tobacco farmers nabbed

By Marsha Sengwe


POLICE in Mt Darwin say they have arrested one of the wanted criminals in the
district, Clemence Karimatsenga, alias Trynos Magaya alleged to have terrorised
and robbed tobacco farmers in and around Mt Darwin and Shamva district recently.
Sergeant Major Samuel Chikasha, speaking on behalf of police said Karimatsenga
together with is three accomplices, currently on the run, on June 16 allegedly
planned to rob Trust Kamoto of Zunde A Village, Chief Madziwa Mt Darwin, of his
They arrived at his place around 10pm and dogs started barking at them. The
robbers decided to run away but, Kamoto was already awake and pursued them
shouting for help.
His call for help was heard by his younger brother, Trust, and a neighbour, Padzuru
Berzem, who then joined him in chasing after the quartet.
They managed to apprehend Karimatsenga and took him back home as they waited
for police.
They also searched him and found an Okapi knife in one of his pockets.
Upon being interviewed, he revealed that he wanted to rob Kamoto after he was
informed by Regmaster Chibondo of Zunde A Village that he had sold his tobacco
and had money.
As villagers came to see him, another tobacco farmer Winfilda Sibanda then
identified him as one of the three robbers who attacked her in June 2022 and got
away with her US$4 000 she had accumulated from tobacco sales.

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