Tapiwa Makore’s murderers sentenced to death


Tapiwa Makore’s murderers sentenced to death
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Tapiwa Makore’s murderers sentenced to death

Harare, July 12, 2023 (New Ziana) – The High Court on Wednesday sentenced Tafadzwa Shamba and Tapiwa Makore (senior) to death for gruesomely murdering seven-old Tapiwa Makore (junior) in 2020 in a case which stirred up deep emotions in the country.

The duo murdered the boy in Murehwa to harvest body parts for suspected ritual purposes. He was buried without a head.

Tapiwa Makore (senior) is the elder brother of the boy’s father, and the young victim was in fact named after him.
Shamba, on the other hand, was Makore (senior)’s worker.

Sentencing the pair, High Court Judge, Justice Munamato Mutevedzi described them as wicked, and whose moral blameworthiness was high and had been proven beyond doubt.

“The demon which drove Tafadzwa Shamba to commit this murder is relentless, and could not be stopped. It can only be neutralised by death. Our hands are bound. Accordingly, it is directed that both accused persons be returned to custody and that the sentence of death be executed upon each of them accordingly,” he ruled.

According to evidence led in court, Shamba and Makore (senior) lured the boy from the family garden to the latter’s home from where he was drugged before being gruesomely murdered.

The boy’s body was literally cannibalised for various parts for ritual purposes to boost Makore (senior)’s business in Murehwa.

Parts of the dismembered body were found in different places, including a pit latrine, and jaws of local dogs.
But some of the body parts, including the head, were never found, and the murderers have remained mum on their whereabouts.

The burial of the dismembered body was delayed for months in the hope that the missing parts, especially the head, could be found.

Shamba was convicted of the actual murder of the boy, while Makore (senior) was found guilty of being an accomplice to the killing.

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