The province that birthed the revolutionary party

Sharon Chigeza


CHIPINGE- Zanu PF and its founding fathers birthed a free democracy and the independence we enjoy as
a nation today thus it is imperative that as a nation we honour and preserve such heritage by honouring
those who went before us, said President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
Addressing thousands of people gathered at Mutema Secondary School, Chipinge, Manicaland at the
launch of the Zanu PF election campaign in Mutema-Musikavanhu constituency, President Mnangagwa
said the forefathers of Zimbabwe looked upon the revolutionary party to cherish and uphold the
heritage of Zimbabwe and as such Zanu PF recognised and honoured their tremendous contribution to
the liberation struggle by conferring the late Rev Ndabaningi Chakandiwana Sithole as a national hero.
We have a heritage to protect, the liberation war heritage which saw the birth of the revolutionary
party Zanu PF. The late Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole is one of the founding fathers of this party we take
pride in today and we should always cherish the sacrifices they made. Honoring him as a national hero
is evidence of how much the party is principled and takes heed of its own founding principles, said
President Mnangagwa.
The election campaign launch in Chipinge came soon after Rev Ndabaningis post humous conferment as
national hero, a testament to President Mnangagwa's acknowledgment of founding principles.
The venue in turn holds historical significance as the birthplace of the late Rev Sithole.
Manicaland as a province is also home to several revolutionaries the likes of Herbert Chitepo, Morris
Gumbo,Rekai Tangwena, Victoria Chitepo to mention a few, and is also one of the provinces that bore
the brunt of the war and contributed significantly to the liberation of the country.
President Mnangagwa said the decision to launch the campaign in Manicaland was based on both the
historical significance of the province as well as the metaphorical semblance of a new dawn rising from
the East, the cardinal direction in which the province lies.
The rising of the sun from the East signifies a new and bright day. As such, let us be prepared for a new
and brighter Zimbabwe as we head towards the August 23 elections. We have started off in the East to
signify a new dawn and brighter future, he said.

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