Week 5 Chinhoyi Darts League


THIS past week saw yet another record set. A 148 checkout was closed by a player
from The Place Darts club as five players managed to collect all their six legs.
Muriel Mine Darts hosted ZPC Kariba Darts at Muriel Mine. The game, as predicted,
had a fair result. However, it was to the disadvantage of ZPC Kariba Darts, who faced
another defeat after losing at home the previous weekend. This time at Muriel Mine,
they lost by three legs, 21-18. This was Muriel Mine Darts' second consecutive win,
helping them move up the log standings.
Nog Inn had an easy walk in the park, after they dismissed CUT Staff Darts Team,
which comprised five female and one male player.
Nog Inn harvested more legs, securing their first win of the season, with Shepherd
Chiroza and Richman Matope winning their six legs.
TelOne Chinhoyi Darts proved that they are the masters of the game after defeating
Delta Chinhoyi Darts 29-10. It was as if Delta Chinhoyi Darts players were on holiday.
They could only manage to prevent TelOne Chinhoyi Darts players from getting all six
legs each.
Collen Mukucha proved a teacher, hitting a 180 and closing 125 checkout in the
The win ensured that TelOne Chinhoyi Darts remain on the summit of the Darts League
table, with an undefeated streak.
In another encounter, between The Place Darts Club and Super Bulls Darts (The Darts
Elders), The Place Darts triumphantly dominated winning 27-12.
The game saw Precious Mandiyaya and his counterpart Debrahim Shumba hit a 180
each, getting all six legs each. Debrahim Shumba went on to close a 148 checkout. This
win enabled The Place Darts club move into the second pole position.
CUT Students on the other hand, faced Aryshire Mine Darts at the Pavilion, Chinhoyi
University of Technology complex. The game was well contested, as expected.
Aryshire Mine Darts players came out victorious with 23-16. Edmond Dzorai led his
team to their first win of the season, after securing all his six legs.
Next games on Week 6 will see ZPC Kariba Darts host The Place Darts, who now
command second position. The Place Darts team has not lost all their games so far,

while ZPC Kariba Darts have tested defeat twice and won one game. But ZPC Kariba
Darts have two outstanding games, while The Place Darts have one.
It is promising to be an interesting encounter.
Game of the week will pit two remarkable teams. A clash of the Titans – Tawanda Hodzi
(Zetdc Chinhoyi) against Collen Mukucha (TelOne Chinhoyi Darts).
Ayrshire Mine Darts will have an easy task on their hands. They face CUT Staff Darts
team. The miners are expected to collect maximum points and more legs.
Super Bulls Darts team will host Delta Chinhoyi Darts team. The elders will have to pull
up their socks to win this one. Delta Chinhoyi Darts, wounded from last encounter, will
need to exert authority and restore lost pride.
CUT students will be at home again, playing against Muriel Mine Darts, who seem to
have found their rhythm. It is another challenge for the students. But with Rodwell
Kanyoka’s charges Muriel Mine Darts are expected to upset CUT students despite
playing away.
Matereke Darts, the Brundish-based team will want to remain in contention. They will
play Nog Inn Darts and expect to wrap the game up. It will be a contest between the
charges of Given Makisi, Wedzerai Mudzonga of Matereke Darts against Shepherd
Chiroza and Richman Matope of Nog Inn Darts.

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