Zanu PF mocks Kasukuwere

By Guardian Reporter


THE ruling party, Zanu PF’s leadership in Mashonaland Central Province has
mocked former Mt Darwin South Member of Parliament, Saviour Kasukuwere, for
aspiring for the president’s seat.
Senior party officials in the province said Kasukuwere was not a threat at all and his
candidature will never give them sleepless nights.
“Dzava dzakaita mukurumbira idzo. We cannot even feel his presence” Mt Darwin
Zanu PF Co-ordination Committee chairperson, Ranga Chiminyu, said.
“His power was the power of Zanu PF, as soon as he messed up in the party, he
ceased to be a leader,” Chiminyu said.
Kasukuwere is best remembered for bloating the Government’s pay roll by recruiting
“Green Bombers” into the youth ministry and adding them to the Government’s
payroll for self-advantages.
One of his brothers, is alleged to have siphoned “millions of funds” from CABS,
which were meant for youth empowerment programmes during the time when
Kasukuwere was the Minister of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment,
under the First Republic.
Speaking from Bindura, Joe Mupfupi, Bindura Zanu PF DCC Secretary for
Environmental Affairs said Kasukuwere would be very lucky to get a single vote in
He said the party and people of Bindura know whom they want among the
presidential candidates hence Kasukuwere was wasting his time.
The former youth and local government minister successfully filled his papers for
nomination on Tuesday,
He has since promised the diaspora to avail buses to carry them from countries in
the SADC region back home so that they vote in the coming election on August 23.
Posting on his twitter handle on Friday under the name @New Alliance, Kasukuwere
said he will avail 500 buses to bus voters from the diaspora back home.

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