Church calls peaceful campaign


New Ziana – The Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) has called upon candidates and political
parties contesting in the August 23 general elections, to embrace the values of unity, inclusion,
justice, and compassion during the campaign period.
Zimbabweans, will on August 23 go to the polls, to choose a president, 210 members of parliament
and 1970 councillors for the next five years.
ZCC, which is committed to promoting peace, justice, and well-being of citizens, urged candidates to
conduct their campaigns and engage in the electoral processes “with utmost respect for the rights
and dignity of every individual”.
In a statement, ZCC, commended the successful completion of the nominations process for the
harmonised elections.
“We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the candidates who successfully filed their
nomination papers, as they take (a) significant step towards serving the nation and people of
Zimbabwe,” read part of the statement.
The church urged political parties to follow the electoral process so that the country conducts
elections that are free, fair, and credible.
“We are inspired by the election procedure described in Acts 1:12-26, which was inclusive,
transparent, and informed by agreed-upon standards. As a result, we urge all parties to follow the
proper procedures.
“We encourage all candidates and political parties to embrace the values of unity, inclusion, justice,
and compassion, ensuring that your actions align with God’s will for the nation,” said ZCC.
The called for peaceful dialogue, respectful engagement, and commitment during election season.
Candidates, ZCC said, should prioritise the needs and aspirations of the people they seek to
represent, working towards a future that upholds justice, equality, and the common good.
ZCC said it is ready to offer support, guidance, and prayers to candidates contesting in the general
“We call upon all the aspiring candidates not to be selfish in their motives but affront the needs of
the nation,” said the church.

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