Farms, building brigade help sustain ZPCS operations


GWERU – The Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) farms, building brigade, and other
income generating projects are helping to sustain its operations in the Midlands province in line with
the National Development Strategy (NDS 1).
ZPCS boast three farms in the province, which are helping in food production. The farms are in
Gokwe, Connemara and Whawha.
Speaking to journalists recently, ZPCS Officer Commanding Midlands province, Commissioner
Somemore Gate said apart from farming, the organisation has a viable training centre at Whawha
Complex in Gweru which was equipping inmates and school leavers with skills on different trades.
He said there are in the process of registering Whawha Workshop to be a vocational training centre.
“We are in the process of registering it as a vocational training centre. It is open to members of the
public and our dependents, especially school leavers … and will help in curbing drug and substance
abuse,” he said.
The workshop, which currently has over 20 students – mainly inmates and school leavers, is also
open to the public provided they pay fees which goes towards the administration of the workshop.
It is however, lagging behind in terms of modern equipment and a sound marketing strategy.
Students are undergoing training in motor mechanics, panel beating, boiler making, upholstery,
carpentry, and tailoring, among other courses.
He said completing their courses and upon release, some inmates need starter packs to continue
with their line of trade.
Comm. Gate said their Building Brigade was also playing its part in building houses and undertaking
other government construction projects. It has since been commercialised and consists of semi-
skilled inmates and ZPCS skilled personnel.
“We have a role to play in the provision of houses and other government projects,” he said.
The Building Brigade has constructed several classroom blocks in the Midlands province and worked
on Gweru Provincial Hospital, government and private institutions among other projects.
“We have commercialised the construction department. The money they get is used to purchase
protective clothing and tools,” Comm. Gate said.

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