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Ilanga Provincial Newspapers

Heed ZCC call for peaceful campaign


AS the nation prepares for the harmonised elections on August 23, the Zimbabwe Council of
Churches (ZCC) call for unity, inclusion, justice, and compassion should not be taken lightly. It is a
timely reminder of the values that should guide our society and political landscape.
The ZCC recently appealed to all candidates and political parties participating in the elections, to
promote peace, justice, and the well-being of citizens. It is important to heed this call as we are
Zimbabweans first and subjects of our various beliefs second.
Election time is for making our choices and we should be able to do so peacefully. It is not time for
brother to turn against brother or sister to turn against sister.
The ZCCs call to embrace values of unity, inclusion, justice, and compassion during the campaign
period is not only timely but also crucial for the nations progress. The usual suspects are waiting to
see us fall so that they can tell the world “we told you so”.
With the election season in full swing, the ZCC has urged political parties to prioritise the rights and
dignity of the electorate.
Recognising the significance of embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive society, the ZCC has
emphasised the need for candidates to reach out to all segments of the population, regardless of
their background, ethnicity, or political affiliation.
Importantly, the ZCC has stressed the importance of maintaining the spirit of peace that was
observed during the nomination process. So far, so good.
This call for continued unity and non-violence resonates deeply within the hearts of Zimbabweans
who hope for a peaceful and stable future. By encouraging political parties to adhere to the
principles of respect, tolerance, and understanding, the ZCC is paving the way for a harmonious
electoral process.
Furthermore, the ZCC has emphasised the significance of upholding the integrity of the electoral
process. By urging political parties to abide by the established rules and regulations, the ZCC is
advocating for free, fair, and credible elections.
In a democratic society, it is imperative that the electoral process remains transparent and that the
will of the people is respected. In any competition there are winners and losers. That is the
fundamental rule. Therefore it is equally important to accept defeat and not cry foul if things do not
go according to one’s thinking.
The ZCCs message serves as a reminder to all candidates and political parties that their actions and
words carry great weight and influence. As representatives of the people, they have a responsibility
to foster an environment of respect, unity, and compassion. By adhering to these values, they can
inspire hope, trust, and confidence in the electorate.
We hope that all candidates and political parties heed this call and work towards a brighter future
for Zimbabwe, where peace, justice, and the well-being of citizens are at the forefront of our
collective aspirations.