President Mnangagwa hails small-scale miners

Normn Dururu


GWERU – President Emmerson Mnangagwa has hailed the role small-scale miners play in the
country’s economic growth and urged them to aspire to use modern technology and equipment.
Speaking during the Miners for Economic Development (Miners for ED) convention and interaction,
President Mnangagwa said artisanal miners contribute 60 percent of the country’s US$12 billion
mining economy.
Through that contribution, he said small-scale miners were at the centre of developing the country
by using its abundant mineral resources. He said the country was endowed with vast unexploited
mineral resources and would never be poor because of the contribution of artisanal miners.
The President said he was happy that the Miners for ED members were indigenous black people
meaning they are contributing to their country’s economic growth.
“You need to understand the important role you are playing in the development of the country
through the 60 percent contribution from the US$12 billion we realise as a country from mining.
“The development of the country will only be possible with proceeds from mining which is the
largest from any sector,” he said.
The President said at the advent of the Second Republic, the mining sector was realising US$2,8
billion but now has grown to US$12 billion.
The sector, he said, should aspire to use modern technology and equipment.
“Government will prioritise and give more support to what makes the lives of our people better. You
should tell us what type of equipment you want and we will provide through giving institutions of
higher learning funds to produce them.
“We have innovation hubs, where we want education which provides a product and service to the
people,” he said.
The President said the country’s model of education was now seriously biased towards science,
innovation and technology.
President Mnangagwa said successes being realised in the mining sector were the kind of steps
needed to modernise and develop the country.
“We need to promote rural industry development by looking at local resources in rural areas so that
we industrialise and modernise on the basis of resources at our disposal,” he said.
He tasked the Mines Ministry to deal with the issue of Exclusive Prospecting Orders which have
become a thorny issue in the sector.
The President called for peace in mines and said no one should invade other people’s mines.

“There should be peace in mines and if there are invasions we will deal with those people. We must
have respect and agree in what we do,” he said adding that he was happy to see such unity and
Miners, he said, should reclaim land after mining as that endangers both animals and humans.
“We do not want land degradation but we should preserve the environment,” he said.
He urged Zimbabweans to preserve the land which is their heritage as well as being proud of who
they are.
President Mnangagwa said the Western world developed through plundering Africa’s resources and
Africans should also develop themselves through utilising local resources.
“Let us love our country because, we do not have any other country besides Zimbabwe. No one will
come from somewhere to build our country. We should have pride that we are Africans…
Zimbabweans,” he said.
The Second Republic, has been able to achieve food self-sufficiency by coming up with an agriculture
model that guarantees food security.
President Mnangagwa said although the country had not received foreign direct investment for the
past 23 years because of sanctions, Zimbabweans had remained resolute and united.
He said 2023 was the third year that Zimbabwe had achieved growth of between four and six
percent per year, making it the fastest growing economy in the Southern Africa Development

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