ZEC call for fairness

Norman Dururu


New Ziana– The Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC) has called on political parties to abide by the
Electoral Code of Conduct for Political Parties and candidates so as to create a level playing field.
Speaking at a provincial multi-party liaison committee meeting after the announcing of national
house of assembly candidates who successfully filed nomination papers to contest in the August 23
general elections, ZEC provincial manager Dorcas Mpofu said the code guides political parties so that
there is a level playing field.
“The code is like a Bible for the 23 August race and we have to adhere to it,” she said.
Mpofu appealed to political parties to desist from violence, intimidation and other unfair practices.
The ZEC officer said people should make choices without recording their names, knocking on their
doors and other forms of intimidation.
“People should make their choices freely without interference, fear, undue influence or bribery,” she
Mpofu said ZEC was like a referee and the onus was on the political parties to play clean.
She said placing of posters is the major cause of political violence, therefore political parties should
share the limited space available.
“Parties should avoid pulling down rival parties’ posters as that will cause violence. If they give each
other space, there will be no fights,” she said.
“There is limited space to put up posters like trees and walls. Other organisations do not want to see
posters on their walls, so they should share the limited space available so that they do not fight.
“We want a peaceful poll in this province and arguments over posters have resulted in political
parties sending their youths to fight,” she said.
Mpofu said political parties should also remove posters within 300 metres of polling stations on the
day of poll.
ZEC provincial deputy manager Nyasha Chirikure said there was danger of violence resurfacing if
political parties fail to share the limited space.
“The issue of posters posed challenges in the past, but it should not happen again. If we fail to share
space fighting will start again,” he said.
Zanu PF provincial youth for business Tafadzwa Guveya and Gweru district coordinating committee
secretary for information and publicity Victor Maride, however, said it is difficult to leave space for
political opponents as politics is a contest.

Citizens Coalition for Change Gweru Urban candidate Josiah Makombe said he hopes that ZEC and
the police ensure a conducive political environment.

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