ZPCS to form musical band in Midlands


GWERU — The Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) will soon embark on a musical
journey as it prepares to form a musical band comprising prison officers and talented inmates.
This ground breaking initiative aims to provide entertainment at public gatherings while
simultaneously generating income for the ZPCS.
Speaking to journalists recently, the ZPCS Officer Commanding Midlands province Commissioner
Somemore Gate said plans were at an advanced stage to form a musical band, which will have a,
positive impact on the inmates.
We are in the process of forming a musical band here in Midlands, which will go a long way in
teaching the inmates about music. At the same time, we will be able to generate income from their
performances, which will contribute to the sustainability of the band," he said.
While choirs have been a part of the prison system, Comm. Gate noted the absence of a band in the
Recognising the success of bands in Harare and Manicaland, the ZPCS is determined to establish its
own musical ensemble, showcasing the diverse talents of the inmates and highlighting their
potential for reintegration into society through artistic expression.
“We noted we have choirs but as a province we don’t have a band. Harare and Manicaland have got
a band, we are in the process of coming up with our own band,” he said.
The formation of the band is expected to serve as a creative platform for the inmates, allowing them
to explore their musical abilities and enhance their skills. Music has long been recognised as a
therapeutic tool, offering emotional release and fostering personal growth. By immersing
themselves in the world of music, the inmates will have an opportunity to develop teamwork,
discipline, and self-expression.
As the ZPCS forges ahead with establishing the band, the Midlands province eagerly awaits the
harmonious melodies that will soon resonate from within the prison walls. This ground breaking
initiative serves as a testament to the potential for rehabilitation and transformation, highlighting
the intrinsic value of music in fostering hope, healing, and unity.

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