Hurungwe feels honoured

Sharon Chikowore


PEOPLE in Hurungwe felt honoured for hosting the Zanu PF Star Rally last Saturday, July 8.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa and other senior party officials headlined the star rally.
The villagers said they were honoured to have been chosen to host the rally, which they said was a sign of the party’s confidence in them. They were also excited to see the president and other senior officials in person.
The rally was held at the Hurungwe Growth Point, which is a major commercial centre in the district.
Zivanai Jambi from Hurungwe said, the rally was a major event for the villagers, and that they were proud to have been able to host it. They also hope that the rally will bring positive development to the district.
“The coming here of the President is such a big milestone for us. It shows that indeed he is leaving no place and no one behind. In the past, these rallies used to be held in towns but now they are being decentralised and it is commendable. This also shows that they have confidence in us that we will not let the party down.
“As Hurungwe, we are very happy with this development to host such a big and successful event. We hope that this rally will also bring positive development in our district in so many ways as we have already heard that there has been about 68 boreholes which have been drilled so far in Hurungwe,” said Jambi.
Amai Kuimba, who could not stop smiling, said she was very happy with this event as she got maize meal and seed, which she said was going to help her revive her garden.
“I am very happy that our President has come down here because we have managed to get, vegetable seed, which I am going to plant then resell and also this regalia, which I always dreamt of. I am sure everyone who was here managed to get something to carry home,” she said.
President Mnangagwa in his speech said people in Hurungwe should not fail to stand up and defend the legacy of those who have gone before them – those who fought for the country.
He said this is why he decided to honour heroes like James Chikerema by having a gala for him held in Karoi.
One of the youths at the rally said he was definitely going to attend the gala and felt the President had done a good thing for the province in honouring James Chikerema, who entered politics around 1956.
“We are happy with what has been done to honour the hero who came from this side and fought for the country. This gala will make us always remember him since it is a first time. I am definitely going to be there till the sun comes out the following day. We are happy for what his Excellency did in recognising and giving Chikerema hero status because of his contribution during the liberation struggle,” he said.
The rally was attended by a multitude of people and was peaceful. There were no reports of any disturbances.

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