A new dawn for Zimbabwean football


AFTER enduring a tumultuous period of one year and four months, Zimbabwean football finally sees
a glimmer of hope after FIFA lifted its suspension of the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA).
This significant development comes in the wake of the Sports and Recreation Commission's
compelled decision to rescind its suspension of the Felton Kamambo led ZIFA executive. The
reinstatement of Zimbabwe into the international football stage is undoubtedly a cause for
celebration, as it paves the way for a much-needed transformation in the nation's football
The appointment of a normalisation committee, under the leadership of former Dynamos
chairperson, Lincoln Mutasa, brings renewed optimism to the local football community.
It is our fervent hope that this committee will usher in a new era of professionalism and
accountability, helping to revive a sport that has long been languishing in the doldrums.
As we look ahead, there are critical areas that require immediate attention. Foremost, the
normalisation committee must address the issue of sponsorship for national teams. Adequate
financial support is crucial for the development and success of our players on the international
stage. By securing robust sponsorship deals, Zimbabwean football can regain its standing and
compete at the highest level.
Moreover, the upgrading of stadiums to meet international standards is paramount. Our facilities
need to be modernised to attract local and international matches, fostering a vibrant football culture
and generating revenue for the sport. This infrastructure overhaul will not only benefit players and
fans but also contribute significantly to the overall growth of Zimbabwean football.
Another pressing matter that must be tackled head-on is the prevention of sexual harassment of
female referees and players. It is imperative that the normalisation committee implements stringent
measures to create a safe and inclusive environment for all participants. By eradicating such
misconduct, we can ensure that talented female athletes receive the respect and opportunities they
Additionally, the committee must make prudent use of the FIFA Forward funds allocated for
developmental projects. These resources should be channelled towards grassroots initiatives,
nurturing young talents, establishing robust coaching programmes, and enhancing infrastructure at
the grassroots level.
The readmission of Zimbabwe to the international football stage is a momentous occasion, bringing
joy to the hearts of passionate football followers and players who aspire to compete abroad. It is
incumbent upon the normalisation committee to seize this opportunity and steer our footballing
nation towards greatness.
As we embark on this new chapter, let us rally behind our national team, clubs, and administrators,
supporting them in their endeavours to restore Zimbabwean football to its former glory. The
challenges ahead may be formidable, but with unity, commitment, and strategic decision-making,
we can rekindle the flame of our footballing spirit and inspire a new generation of sporting heroes.

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