Aluminum Sulphate factory commence production

By David Adin


A multi-million dollar aluminum sulphate factory with a capacity to produce 6 000 tonnes has begun
operations in Bindura.
Chillmund Chemicals Business Development Manager Nicholas Bhero said the development will ease
the procurement of the chemical which is mainly used in water purification.
“The US$25 million plant can produce up to 6 000 tonnes of aluminum sulphate per month. We
bought equipment sometime in December last year and started installing this year in May and the
plant was commissioned on June 30.
“This plant technology we have is the first in Africa; it can produce 10 tonnes of granular aluminum
sulphate per hour and 20 tonnes per hour of liquid aluminum sulphate.
“Aluminum sulphate is used in water treatment. With current local demand at 3 000 tonnes per
month we will have excess capacity to export. The factory is currently importing raw materials such
as sulphuric acid from South Africa and Hydroxide from China. The second phase will see the
company installing a sulphuric acid production plant to reduce imports and production costs,” said
Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution for Mashonaland Central, Senator Monica
Mavhunga complimented the company for its contribution to socio-economic development of
“It is President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s vision of an upper middle income economy by 2030
therefore clean water is important in that aspect. The factory is currently supplying Harare and
Mutare, Bindura will be next. They will employ about 200 people when fully operational. At the
money they have employed 100 people,” said the Minister.

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