Archbishop Ezekiel Guti- the man who fought for the meek to have a brighter future

By Thabisani Dube


The late Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti, the founder of the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa
(ZAOGA) – Forward in Faith Ministries International (FIFMI) Church, who passed on July 5 is
remembered by many globally.
Ture to his Shona name, “Handinawangu” Archbishop Guti did not discriminate people as he
embraced all people from the corners of the country and world through his teachings. The
Christian community celebrated his 100 th birthday on May 5. His Christian leadership saved
many souls while his local philanthropic work in education and health benefitted thousands
of people.

Archbishop Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti
Born on May 5, 1923, in Ngaone area of Chipinge district in Manicaland Province, his life is
being honoured and celebrated and many people are thankful that he lived it to the full, a
feat many cannot achieve.
Archbishop Guti had children from his two marriages. From his second marriage to Eunor
Guti, his wife of 40 years, he sired seven children. Little is known about children from his
first marriage.

Guti’s children with his second wife are Sarah Rusere, Dorcas Jaricha, Fiona Arthurs,
Gracious Chikore, La-Verne Simukai, Ezekiel Guti Junior (late) and Ethanim Guti.
From humble beginnings, Apostle Guti found ZAOGA in 1960 and unified nations through his
religious works. The church spread like a veld fire to many countries on the African
continent, as well as in Europe, the United States, Asia-Pacific nations, and the Bahamas. His
church has remained one of the biggest in Zimbabwe.
The church has since grown into a vast empire, operating in 143 countries worldwide, with
over 2,000 churches in Southern Africa alone.
The church, which is self-funded, has diversified investments, including 120 dressmaking
schools in Zimbabwe, bible schools, colleges (including a university), vocational training
centres, hospitals and clinics, primary and secondary schools, as well as numerous
properties in various countries.
In 2010, ZAOGA FIFMI celebrated its 50th anniversary, and Guti addressed a crowd of over
50,000 believers in Zimbabwe at the National Sports Stadium in Harare. The event was
broadcast live on Ezekiel TV, a Christian television network founded by Guti and his wife.
He ministered for over 50 years and spoken in several countries. He founded seven bible
colleges named Africa MultiNation For Christ College, with three in Zimbabwe, two in
Mozambique, one each in Zambia and Ghana. He has also founded various ministries
including Forward in Faith Children’s Home, Children’s Ministry, Africa Christian Business
Fellowship, the Gracious Women’s Fellowship, along with the Husband’s Agape
International Fellowship.
On the international arena, Guti accepted invitations to preach in several African nations as
well as in Europe, the United States, Asia-Pacific countries. He has also spoken in bible
schools, colleges, universities, and on television and radio programmes.
Apostle Guti has written more than 69 books on his teachings.
Guti’s Christian teachings have provided spiritual guidance and inspiration to countless
individuals, fostering a sense of community, morality, and social responsibility. Guti was a
globe trotter and accepted teaching invitations all over the world without any misgivings.
His teachings also saved several marriages from collapse as he strongly advocated for
righteousness in marriage contracts, and advised couples to put God at the heart of their
matrimonial unions.
To honour him, ZAOGA has announced 30 days of mourning, a testament to the depth of
respect and admiration held for the late archbishop.
ZAOGA is a Pentecostal Christian congregation that split from the Apostolic Faith Mission
(AFM), a South African Pentecostal congregation, in 1959.
Archbishop Guti had always insisted that, “This church is not mine; it belongs to the Mighty
God,” adding that after his death people should continue worshipping God as Guti himself
was a mere human being.

Archbishop Guti is the founder of Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU), established in
The higher education institution was founded as an additional means of winning young
people to Christ, in addition to its dual role of educating the nation with a Christian
In interviews with New Ziana, many of his congregants acknowledged the late Guti’s
inspirational ministerial work.
“I am deeply pained by his passing on but am also consoled that he lived an exemplary
life….he put up a good fight in his long walk in Christianity amidst satanic challenges… My
life has changed due to his wonderful, cherished teachings” said John Tshuma from
Sianyanga area in Hwange district in north-western Zimbabwe.
“I was shocked at the news that Archbishop Guti had departed from this earth but the age
at which he departed and the immense, good work he conducted for humanity, preaching
the gospel of Christ to me and all Christians make me shed tears of joy. My consolation is
that he lived a good life worth celebrating,” said Iris Ncube from Victoria Falls, also in
Hwange district.
“In Christ we are one. I would like to join the Guti family, all the ZAOGA congregants across
the globe and Zimbabweans in celebrating Guti’s life. It did not benefit ZAOGA faithful only
but also the education and health sectors. I pray that everyone could aspire to sacrifice their
lives for the sake of the Kingdom of God, just like the beloved late Archbishop,” said Collen
Austin from Eastview suburb in Harare.
Archbishop Guti had kept his personal life. For example, he kept his lower primary, lower
and high school grades jealously guarded. Guti held a number of degrees from different
academic institutions. He held a Bachelor of Christian Education and a Doctorate from
Northgate Graduate School at Zoe College USA. He also had a PhD in Religion.
In honour of his mother, whose name was Dorcas, Archbishop Guti funded the construction
of Mbuya Dorcas, an upmarket hospital, in Waterfalls, Harare.
Since its official opening in September 2012, Mbuya Dorcas Hospital has treated thousands
of patients from around Zimbabwe.
To fulfil his biblical teachings and Christian values, two wings were constructed at the
hospital—a medical wing as well as a spiritual wing.
While the medical wing is responsible for the patients’ regular medical care, the spiritual
wing’s primary function is to pray for their healing.
The hospital’s mission also includes bringing people to Christ.
Archbishop Guti is one of the most celebrated archbishops in Africa who will be
remembered for dedicating his life to God.

The African Christian Council International (ACCI) has requested to government that Guti be
declared a national hero. In a letter addressed to the Office of the President and Cabinet,
ACCI Grand President Johannes Ndanga said according Guti a national hero status would
unite the country at the current trying times.
Ndanga passionately expressed, “ZAOGA is in over 140 countries and has been raising the
Zimbabwean Flag high. In terms of his contribution towards peace, unity, and
ambassadorship on the global level, we view him as an influential leader who brought
together many people to worship in Christianity. We hereby propose that he be awarded
the National Hero status as a step towards uniting the people of Zimbabwe during this
critical time.”

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