Empowering communities through development projects


APART from improving the state of local infrastructure and community institutions, development
projects come with multiple benefits for societies across the entire country.
While community members enjoy renovated and rehabilitated schools, hospitals, roads, and various
other essential infrastructure, the projects also empower communities through numerous benefits.
A closer look at programmes, proves that projects implemented in societies impact positively
people's livelihoods and attribute to accelerated community development.
If we look at major development projects undertaken by the government, we will all notice that
societies have benefited in various ways. We have seen massive road rehabilitation across the entire
country as the Second Republic invested large sums of money to improve the state of local roads.
The major roads that have been prioritised include the Beitbridge-Harare-Chirundu highway. This is a
strategic regional link that connects many countries in Southern Africa. The equally essential
Bulawayo-Victoria Falls route is also being rehabilitated.
During the rehabilitation, communities along the routes have been employed. Some of them have
also benefited by supplying their produce like farming products to the workers of the construction
The government has also invested in dam construction across the country. These projects have
created employment for local communities. Completed projects like the Tokwe Mukosi Dam have
multiple benefits for local people and the country at large.
Tokwe Mukosi is expected to produce hydroelectric power that will alleviate the country's energy
challenges. The gigantic inland dam is also expected to invite investors in the tourism and hospitality
Investors in the fishing industry are also expected to come down to Tokwe Mukosi. All these
activities will create employment and other economic opportunities for the Chivi , Masvingo, and
surrounding communities.
The government has also started borehole drilling across the country under the Presidential scheme
strategically devised to improve people's livelihoods through improved clean water supply. While
the borehole drilling scheme will help communities to get clean water, they can also use the water
for their horticultural projects.
As the programme is being implemented across the country, communities stand to benefit through
employment creation as well as receiving the latest borehole drilling technology which now includes
solar systems.

In recent years, we have witnessed development that has been leaving no one behind. Development
programmes have been spread to all corners, from cities, towns, growth points, and rural areas.
The Second Republic has taken development programmes to the people in their diversity, there is
need to also acknowledge development programmes implemented and supported by other equally
concerned humanitarian and Non-Governmental Organisations.
Their contributions towards community development should be appreciated. There have been other
mega projects that have been established by the private sector. These projects like gigantic mining
operations like the Mimosa Mine, Unki Mines, Ngezi Platinum Mine, Mbada Diamonds, Zulu Mine,
and Bikita Minerals among many large-scale mining projects have contributed towards accelerated
community development.
Development should reach everyone and leave no one behind. The Second Republic has indeed
taken development to all corners of the country. From Plumtree to Murare, from Chirundu to
Beitbridge, and in all provinces and districts, we have all seen road rehabilitation projects, dam
construction, borehole drilling, and various other development projects meant to improve people's
livelihoods. Development that leaves no one behind and brick by brick, building our nation.
VISION 2030 is very achievable!!

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