Corruption bleeding country

By Nathaniel Gondo and Farai Chikore


CHINHOYI – ALTHOUGH African nations agreed that corruption must stop as it retards
the development of the continent, Zimbabwean is among the countries that are being
affected by illicit deals.
This was raised by different speakers at the recently held Africa Anti-Corruption Day
commemorations at Chinhoyi Stadium.
Addressing the gathering at the commemorations, Mashonaland West Minister of State
for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Mary Mliswa-Chikoka, said Zimbabwe is losing an
estimated US$1. 8 billion dollars annually due to corruption.
She said this is attributed to deals being conducted by briefcase companies, adding that
all these must be investigated and perpetrators brought to book.
“Mbinga dzirikungo muka dzapfuma dzichiita madhiri ekuti kana vakabvunzwa kuti mari
wakaiwana sei vanogona kutadza kuzvitsanangura. Huori hwauraya nyika, kwete muno
chete but Africa yose.
“Corruption starts small, even kuvigira mukadzi wako mari dzema T and S is also
corruption. Fighting corruption is everyone’s duty towards the achievement of Vision
2030 which, resonates well with good governance,” said Mliswa-Chikoka.
In her remarks Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission Chairperson, Justice Loice
Matanda-Moyo, said the country is in trouble because of corrupt activities and Africa as
a whole is losing trillions of American dollars to other continents through money
laundering and other informal leakages.
The war against corruption must start with Chinhoyi the same way that the seven
freedom fighters did. The town was urged to spark the fire in the war against corruption.
Justice Matanda-Moyo also said that ZACC had recovered many properties, which were
acquired through corruption means.
One case involved taking a house from someone who bought it after diverting
medication which was for hospitals to his personal gain. This was done after ZACC was
given arresting powers.

The Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, led different Government
official taking oath before Justice Matanda-Moyo by signing the integrity pledge.
Zimbabwe will soon introduce a schools-based curricular mainly on anti-corruption.
Zimbabwe signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Botswana so that financial
crimes in the two nations can be dealt with easily, especially illegal off- shore deals.
The commemorations were also attended by a delegation from Botswana’s Directorate
on Corruption and Economic Crime led by Kenneth Canny Guolatwe, who gave
solidarity speech on behalf of the Batswana government.

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