Man strikes daughter to death

By Selina Mapokotera


MARONDERA- As cases of murder continue to rise in Mashonaland East, a 34-
year-old man, who, after having a misunderstanding with his wife, struck his eight-
months-old daughter to death in Dema.
The case was confirmed by the police who said on July 3, the accused, Ashbel
Mukungwa (34) and his wife Nancy Madakudya (30) had a misunderstanding and
the husband decided to seek medication from their neighbor.
However, Madakudya made a decision to stripe the child on her back before
proceeding to a neighbour’s house along in the company of her husband.
It is reported that on their way, she allegedly grabbed her husband’s trouser by the
waist and this did not go well with the accused who then picked up a gum tree stick
and assaulted his wife several times all over the body.
During the scuffle, Ashbel (34) struck his daughter Shantel (8 months) once on the
left side of the head.
They later returned home and upon arrival realised that Shantel (8 months) had died.
The accused person took the body of his daughter to his father who resides in the
same village.
A report was made at ZRP Dema who attended the scene and arrested the suspect.
Nancy Madakudya was seriously injured and was taken to Chitungwiza General
Hospital where she is admitted.
The body of the deceased was conveyed to Chitungwiza Hospital Mortuary for post
In a related incident, police have launched a manhunt for a 54-year-old man of
Chikuvira Village, Chief Nyajina Uzumba who allegedly assaulted his wife to death.
It is reported that on July 7 around 5am, two siblings a 12 and 15 year old arrived
from their neighbour’ s house where they had spent the night and upon entering their
mother, Magret Chihota (47)’s bedroom hut, they found her lying on the floor with
blood on the head.
They advised their neighbour who teamed up with her sister and went to the scene.
They found Chihota lying on the floor with blood and deep cuts on her head showing

signs of life. The husband was nowhere to be seen and his clothes were missing
from the house.
Chihota was rushed to Murewa District Hospital where she died before admission. It
is said a four-year-old niece to the couple saw the husband assaulting his wife with a
wooden stick.
A report was made at ZRP Mutawatawa who attended the scene and the accused is
still at large.

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