Mutare Central Aspiring MP Mupfumi fights drug abuse

Sharon Chigeza


MUTARE- Mutare Central Zanu PF aspiring legislator Esau Mupfumi has
embarked on a campaign to minimise cases of drug peddling and substance abuse
in Mutare citys oldest township of Sakubva.
The Parliamentarian said he has engaged the police and other community leaders
to pool resources to fight the crime with focus centered on youths who need
He said the level of crime, unemployment and the abuse of drugs, was a cause for
concern and that reducing such activities in the township required local leaders to
enter into a social contract with all role players.
Mupfumi said through his intervention two youths last week were referred to
rehabilitation centres and are already acquiring the much deserved help to bring
them back to sanity.
“Together with members of the community we are rolling out an operation to
reduce cases relating to drug abuse and substance abuse. So far we have managed
to identify two critical vases which have been referred to the relevant institutions
for rehabilitation as we continue to scout for such youths who have been drowned
in substance abuse and try to assist them," said Mupfumi.
“However, the fight is not over, we are appealing to anyone with information to
share with authorities so that the perpetrators of drug peddling are brought to book
as we also work on rehabilitating those that have already fallen prey to the scourge.
The quest to end or reduce drug abuse and peddling is part of my pre-election
promises and I will continue working with those of like minds to ensure that we
save our children from this criminal vice”.
He said in cases where there is rampant drug peddling there is bound to be an
increase in violent turf wars and hence the need to arrest the situation in Sakubva
before it goes out of hand.

The legislator said it was worrying to note that the youth were the worst affected
by drugs and substance abuse.
“The whole idea is to discourage those involved. I have been approached by
parents and school heads over the worrisome situation on the ground and had to
respond by taking meaningful action. I am glad we are making progress and would
also want to warn those involved in this trade that the long arm of the law will
catch up with them soon,” said Mupfumi.
The Zanu PF legislator is also tackling drug and substance abuse at the grassroots
through fitness and wellness programmes in the area.
Mupfumi said he is using fitness and wellness programmes as part of efforts to
complement the Government in decimating the scourge evidenced by his generous
donations of soccer kits.
“Sporting activities are aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle among the youth and
the elderly through exercising and a good diet. Inactivity causes the manifestation
of chronic ailments like hypertension and diabetes. Cardiovascular workouts
ensure that the lungs, kidneys, liver and heart function well. I also realised that
working out in the morning preoccupies the youth and helps them to refocus their
energies from drug and substance abuse to a healthy lifestyle,” he said.
According to studies, people who engage in fitness practice enjoy happier and
healthier lives.
At the same time, experts in the field of addiction recovery and psychological
health state that fitness is vital for maintaining an addiction-free lifestyle and
boosting mental health.

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