President Mnangagwa assures war veterans


KWEKWE – The government has come up with a number of programmes aimed at empowering war
veterans, ex-political prisoners, detainees, restrictees and heroes’ dependents, President Emmerson
Mnagagwa has said.
In a message to war veterans, dependents and war victims, President Mnangagwa said the
government through the Defence and War Veterans Affairs, is working round the clock to improve
their living standards through the Defence Act (Chapter 11:12), Veterans of the Liberation Struggle
Act (Chapter 17:12), War Victims Compensation Act (Chapter 11:36) and National Heroes Act
(Chapter 10:16).

The Veterans Investment Corporation (VIC) received a shot in the arm after government availed ZWL
$500 million and US$200 000 for administration purposes and of its companies, expected to create
over 5 000 jobs.
Some of the VIC companies include, Veterans Agriculture, Veterans Mining, Veterans Tourism,
Veterans Financial Services, Veterans Health Services, and Veterans Property Development.
President Mnangagwa said the government unveiled 36 mining claims for war veterans who are into
mining of gold, lithium, limestone, tathalite, copper, manganese and nickel.
VIC was given eight farms to be used as Centres of Excellence in agriculture. Government also
unveiled 10 hectare of land for the construction of houses in growth points, towns and cities.
About 35 000 war veterans, ex-political prisoners, detainees and restrictees are receiving monthly
pension payouts, which is reviewed every time when soldiers get a salary increment, he said.
Since 2018, government has processed a total of 64 791 documents for those in need of school fees
assistance. At the beginning of the new term for 2023, 7 647 students had their school fees paid for
by government.
The President said government has also identified land for the construction of Memorial Hospitals in
Harare and Bulawayo that will benefit war veterans, ex-political prisoners, detainees, restrictees and
heroes’ dependents.
Since 2018, 8 836 war veterans and their dependents got medical assistance. So far this year, 1 247
patients have been treated. Plans are at an advanced stage for all the beneficiaries to have medical
aid cards, starting from 2024.
President Mnangagwa said the government is also looking at ways of coming up with a funeral policy
for ex-political prisoners, detainees and restrictees. The government is currently paying a funeral
grant equivalent to USD$500 for each family.

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