Residents arrest solar thief


CHEGUTU – THREE residents from Kaguvi Phase 3, popularly known as Forit,
combined efforts to arrest a thief, who was in the process of stealing solar
Jabulani Rekai, the solar thief, was seen through the window, cutting the solar cable
that connects the battery.
The solar cable was set outside, feeding solar energy from the sun to the battery,
which was inside.
Rekai took advantage of the fact that there was no one outside and so tiptoed his
way to the target and cut the cable. But little did he know that he was under
surveillance from inside by the house owner, Mrs Ndiweni.
Rekai picked up the solar gadget, but as he was about to take off Mrs Ndiweni
screamed, alerting everyone nearby. Rekai then dropped the solar panel and tried to
run away. A mob gave chase as he ran for his life but his luck ran out and he was
chased and caught.
Angry residents who claimed to have lost their solar gargets to thieves were baying
for blood, calling for his head.
"Had it not been the intervention of Mrs Leobbah Denhere, people wanted to take the
law into their own hands. Vanhu vanga vatofunga kupukuta mbavha, ngaatotenda
zvake amai Denhere vamudzivirira," said Mercy Zvirahwa.
Praisemore Moyo said thieves are a menace in the locations as many several people
have lost their property to thieves.
"So many people are crying because of thieves. Even if they are arrested you can
meet them tomorrow, so where are we heading to?" asked Moyo rhetorically.
Mrs Ndiweni took Rekai to Chegutu Central Police for questioning.
Thieves have terrorised residents here. Just last month, a 21-year-old man was
arrested after he carried out a string of unlawful entry cases. Police searched his
house and found a consignment of stolen gadgets that included televisions, frigdes,
domestic scales and generators, among others.

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