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Chaminuka Provincial Newspapers

Tapiwa Makore’s Killers Sentenced to Death for Brutal Ritual Murder


In a monumental verdict that has brought a sense of closure to the grieving family
and the entire community, High Court judge Justice Munamato Mutevedzi has
delivered the long-awaited judgment in the brutal murder case of seven-year-
old  Tapiwa Makore . The accused killers, Tafadzwa Shamba (40), and Tapiwa
Makore Snr (60), have been found guilty and sentenced to death. The decision has
sent shockwaves throughout the nation and marks a significant milestone in the
pursuit of justice for the young victim.
During the trial, the court uncovered the gruesome details of the ritualistic killing that
shook the nation. It was revealed that Tafadzwa Shamba, the prime suspect, and
Tapiwa Makore Snr, the boy’s uncle, drugged, killed, and mutilated young Tapiwa for
ritual purposes, with the intention of benefiting Tapiwa Snr’s cabbage business. The
court emphasized the aggravating circumstances surrounding the murder, stating
that it was premeditated and meticulously planned. The use of illicit brew as a form
of torture further intensified the severity of the crime.
In the face of overwhelming evidence and the horrific nature of the crime, pleas for
leniency from the defence were vehemently rejected by Justice Mutevedzi. The
judge acknowledged the merciless actions of the accused, who callously drank
alcohol after committing the heinous act, denying the grieving parents the closure
they desperately sought. Justice Mutevedzi firmly stated that no amount of jail term
would be sufficient considering the gravity of the offence.
The verdict has been met with a mixture of relief, satisfaction, and sadness. It brings
a sense of closure to the grieving family, who have endured unimaginable pain since
the tragic loss of their young son. The community, which has been closely following

the trial, sees the judgment as a resounding message that such acts of violence will
not be tolerated.
As Tafadzwa Shamba and Tapiwa Makore Snr remain in custody, the initiation of the
death sentence looms ahead. The sentencing phase will mark the final chapter in
this tragic case, providing a semblance of justice for young Tapiwa Makore Jr. and
his grieving family. The nation stands united, hoping that the punishment imposed
will be commensurate with the gravity of their crimes and serve as a deterrent
against such heinous acts in the future.—Online IHarare

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