Zanu PF launches Gweru Urban election campaign


GWERU — Ruling Zanu PF recently launched the Gweru Urban election campaign with calls for the
electorate to vote for a party that has the people at heart.
The election campaign saw the ruling party aspiring Member of the National Assembly Alex
Mukwembi being introduced to the people by the party’s secretary for External Affairs in the
Politburo Simbarashe Mumbengegwi.
With President Emmerson Mnangagwa having launched the election campaign in Chipinge recently,
the ruling party is now working round the clock to woo voters with the message centred on the
various projects that the Second Republic has conducted despite illegally imposed sanctions which
have seen the country failing to access foreign direct investments.
Mumbengegwi, told hundreds of people who had gathered at the party offices in the city that it was
time for the ruling party to reclaim urban seats from the opposition party and ensure a resounding
victory in all 28 constituencies in the Midlands province.
He emphasised that, since the inception of the Second Republic in 2017, President Mnangagwa has
ushered in tremendous milestone megaprojects around the nation, some of which have been
completed and others are in the final stages of completion.
He said that when he was the Minister of State in the President's Office in Charge of Policy
Implementation at the start of the New Dispensation, he witnessed the President's unrelenting
efforts along with the extended hours at the office working to herald in-significant growth and
development for the country during his stint at the aforementioned position.
“President Mnangagwa is the party's sole Presidential candidate, and he is from the Midlands
Province, thus the people of the province should offer him their unshakable and unflinching support.
President Mnangagwa has managed to steer the country to prosperity during his brief tenure as
president, the country is now producing lithium and the Manhize steel plant is currently under
construction, which is expected to lower the country's high steel import bill and improve exports,”
said Mumbengegwi.
He said President Mnangagwa has successfully re-engaged and engaged with various friendly
nations, including some who were earlier antagonistic towards Zimbabwe.
He said the young people were the vanguard of the party and a conduit to economic revolution of
the country.
Mumbengegwi noted that there is a need for young people to explore and exploit various trades and
investment opportunities that arise, in contribution towards eradicating poverty and promoting
better living conditions.
''Zimbabwe as a country cannot surge forward when its youths are trapped in poverty, therefore my
call to the youth is to commit yourselves to economic liberation and economic development. The
challenge we have today is that the youth do not appreciate that our country was liberated by young
people, drawing back to the Zanu Congress of 1964 it was the youth of our generation that chose

freedom through confrontation which was an armed struggle even though they had no single gun,
basically, I am alluding to this example to show young people that where there is a will there is a
way," he said.
Mukwembi said he was confident of taking the constituency from the opposition as he was inspired
by President Mnangagwa for his unwavering dedication to bring progress and development to the
He urged the people to refrain from violence before, during and after the elections.

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