Zanu PF Murehwa DCC speaks chairman on unity

By Archford Chirimudombo


MARONDERA- Zanu PF members who aspired to represent the party in this year’s
harmonised polls and lost primary elections have been warned against standing as
independent candidates.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa has proclaimed August 23 as the date for the
general elections.
The ruling party’s Murewa District Coordinating Committee (DCC) chairperson,
Wellington Kademeteme implored the losers to join hands with the winners and
vigorously campaign for the party to register a resounding vicory.
Addressing a party rally in Macheke, Murehwa South constituency recently,
Kademeteme said: “We held peaceful primary elections and that showed our
democracy as a party. As should be expected in every election, there were winners
and losers. The primary elections are now history and it is now up to all loyal party
cadres to join hands and campaign for President Mnangagwa and those who won in
the primary elections.
“We have a common opponent which is the opposition and we should be guided by
the party’s constitution and ethos in everything that we do. If anyone does anything
which is contrary to the Zanu PF ideology, they will face the consequences.”
The meeting sought to mend relations between the winning candidate for Murehwa
South constituency, Noah Mangondo and other contestants who include Tawanda
Chenana and the sitting legislator, Nyasaha Masoka.
Kademeteme added that the losing candidates should embrace the results and
continue working hard for the party.
“Losing in the primary election does not mean the end of your political careers. Just
keep on working for party and have its best interests at heart. There are many
elections that will be held in the future and your time shall come.
“Our hands must be on deck in pursuance of serving the party by mobilising more
people to join us as we go for the general elections. We want to win resoundingly so
that the Second Republic can be in a position to push the country’s economic
transformation,” he said.

Speaking at the same meeting, Mangondo called for unity of purpose and hinted that
he was aiming to garner 25 000 votes in the polls.
“As candidates we don’t have people. Every member belongs to Zanu PF and that
being the case, we must all unite despite our differences. At the end of the day, the
party should be the winner.
“I promise that I will continue to work hard in this constituency as we head for the
polls and my target is to make sure that at least 25 000 people vote for Zanu PF in
Murehwa South constituency,” he said.
Zanu PF is targeting five million votes for President Mnangagwa to ensure his re-
election at the expense of his main challenger, Nelson Chamisa of the opposition
Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

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