Zec Prints Election Material In Braille


THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has printed some of its voter education material for this
year`s general elections in Braille for the benefit of visually impaired voters.
ZEC deputy provincial elections officer for Bulawayo, Preety Gadzikwa made the announcement here
at a pre-election training workshop for political parties, duty bearers and other stakeholders in the
elections pencilled for August 23.
The elections are for new presidential, parliamentary and local government office bearers to run the
affairs of the country for the next five years.
“ZEC has printed some of its voter education material in Braille for the benefit of the visually
impaired voters,” Gadzikwa said.
But she could not say whether ballot papers would also be printed in Braille.
“I am not privy as to whether the ballot papers will also be printed in Braille. I am going to take up all
the concerns raised here regarding people with disability and special needs with the Commission,”
she said.
People with hearing and visual impairments have, over the years, complained that their electoral
needs were not fully taken into account, thereby disenfranchising them.
In 2021, the Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) principals called on ZEC to make provisions for Braille
voting so that the blind can also vote in secret.
The group also suggested that the Electoral Act must have specific provisions to make it mandatory
for ZEC to provide for Braille voting.
According to experts, nearly 1.3 million Zimbabweans are blind.
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