ZWL$256million devolution funds for Mudzi

By Archford Chirimudombo


MARONDERA- Mudzi Rural District Council which was allocated a ZWL$256.4
million devolution kitty for this year has managed to channel some of the funds
towards developmental projects and buying equipment needed to improve people’s
Victor Nyamutswa who is the chief executive of the usually dry district said the
projects undertaken to date are helping to improve people’s living standards in
He said: “This year, Government allocated us ZWL$256 400 000 devolution funds
and as has been the case in previous years, the allocation has been boosting our
operations and now, one can see that there is tremendous development in the
district. We have projects that are under the social sector and they include the
construction of new schools or new classroom blocks at existing schools
construction as well as the construction of clinic across the district.
“That has seen a huge improvement in the provision of health and education as
community members are now in a position to access health or education closer to
their homes. Scenarios whereby people would be forced to travel long distances to
access such services are a thing of the past,” Nyamutswa told Chaminuka News.
Further to that, the council has been drilling and equipping boreholes across the
district which is in natural Region 4, that is in communities and at business centers,
so that people can have clean, safe water closer to their homesteads.
To date, more than 30 solar-powered boreholes have been drilled in the district after
it bought a drilling rig using devolution funds allocated the previous year.
Nyamutwa said: “Both humans and animals faced serious water challenges in the
district and we drilled the boreholes as part of efforts to mitigate the water
challenges. When we received our devolution funds, we used part of the allocation to
procure a borehole drilling rig last year. This is after we realised that the issue of
accessing portable water for human consumption as well as for livestock remains a
challenge in the district.

“As council, it is our responsibility to make sure that people have access to portable
water near their homes. Our plan is to equip the boreholes and we have since
procured 18 water tanks, each with a holding capacity of 5 000 litres, and we will
install them at the boreholes. Enough cement to be used during the construction of
the stands for the water tanks is already there as well,” he said.
Through devolution funds, the council has also managed to procure and upgrade
Information Communication Technology (ICT) equipment as well as accounting
Other equipment that has been procured using the devolution funds include capital
tools like a tipper truck, motorised water bowser, tractor and self-tipping trailer. A
solar street lighting project was implement as part and parcel of enhancement of
public safety and security.

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