Bring Hwange Seats Home-Chiwenga

By Rutendo Mapfumo in Dete


They came in their numbers from all corners of the Matebeleland North province. Young and old
alike converged at Ndangababi Primary School in Dete to hear what the country’s roadmap for
the next five years will be like.
Like a man in courtship, Vice President, Retired General Constantino Chiwenga, lured the
people with the Second Republic’s successes and implored them to vote for Zanu PF for
continuity. He said it was time the three seats that have been in opposition hands for the past 23
years returned home to Zanu PF.
After charming them, he said come the harmonised election on August 23, he was confident the
people of Hwange will help Zanu PF to a landslide win of 6 million votes. The party has since
reviewed its numbers upwards from 5 million to 6 million votes.
Addressing thousands of party supporters at the Hwange East Constituency rally at Ndangababi
Primary School Cde Chiwenga said the three constituencies in Hwange, namely Hwange East led
by Alois Skuka, Hwange West led by Philani Moyo and Hwange Central Constituency led by
Reeds Dube need to be taken by Zanu PF.
Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC) revealed that eligible voters in the coming elections are
more than 6 million and Zanu PF is confident that the remaining 28 days to election will prove
that 6 million votes are possible for the ruling party.
“In Zanu PF, we are saying 6 million is ours and the remaining voters will be for the opposition
parties,” he said outlining how the party was the pillar for the national history and prosperity.
“Matebeleland North province has a number of national heroes who fought a good fight in the
liberation struggle. Here we boast of the late Siakajaya Muntanga and the late John Landa
Nkomo. Today we have living national leaders of the party such as Adv Jacob Mudenda who is
the Speaker of Parliament as well as Obert Mpofu born and bred in Hwange and it is unfortunate
that Hwange district votes for the opposition.
“Where are we losing it as Hwange district? We are not developing Hwange and yet we have
senior people. These opposition leaders you have been voting for have not been developing your
community. There is no road, no clinics because the people you have voted in power have
nothing to offer,” he said.
VP Chiwenga has assured that the Second Republic led by President Emmerson Mnagagwa will
continue to give empowerment projects to uplift the community of Hwange despite them voting
for the opposition. This the government will do using agriculture as a tool to fight off poverty
and both household and national level.
“Agriculture is key to our vision of a middle income economy by 2030. It is agriculture that must
power the people out of poverty into food security territory. We are aware of the low rainfall

patterns in the district and we are not leaving anyone behind when it comes to food security and
empowerment programmes.
“We have the rural accelerated industrialisation programmes where we want to empower rural
communities in development. Villages to have nutritional gardens and fish ponds to fight off
hunger at household level.
“The government will drill 35 000 boreholes for each village in the Zimbabwe while we
encourage the farming of drought resistant crops such as millet, sorghum to curb starvation. This
will be supported by the presidential input scheme. “
He noted that despite sanctions, the government was working tirelessly to rehabilitate roads
using local resources and companies. The government was rehabilitating the Victoria Falls
–Bulawayo road and a number of other road networks in the province such the Binga-Karoi road
as well as the Lupote-Sianyanga Nemuchemwa-Binga.
Victoria Falls –Bulawayo has been in a bad state due to the heavy rains and volume of heavy
trucks that ply the road. The road is being rehabilitated by the Bitumen construction who have
already started works.
Cde Chiwenga said the second republic had walked the talk and Hwange has not been left behind
as per the leaving no one and no place masntra.
The Second Republic has established the Hwange teachers college so as to incorporate every one
and every language in the district. Teachers from Hwange should be eloquent in their languages
teach indigenous languages.
VP encouraged the Hwange communities to vote for councilors who will be able in the curb
human –wildlife conflict by coming up with solutions which will benefit all.
“We need members of the parliament and councillors who have people’s interests at heart and
not the current opposition councillors who are bribed and are unable to work with Zim Parks,” he

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